September 14 - November 20, 2020
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Lean Product and Process Development

Knowledge Gap Analysis: The Foundation for Successful Program Kick-off 

Presenter: Natalie Reed, Project Manager, PMO, Pella Corp. 

Natalie Reed will explore the concept of Knowledge Gap Analysis as a social and technical tool to use to align the core team at the start of a program. Her presentation will demonstrate how you can build a clear and shared understanding of scope, time, and cost by sequencing and prioritizing gaps in knowledge and starting work on the biggest risks and most critical tasks first. 


Developing the Habits of Lean Leader 

Presenter: Carlos VallejoContinuous Improvement ManagerCostco Optical Lab 

As a leader, you must establish the proper culture and environment to foster a robust lean implementation. In this session, Carlos Vallejo, who led Costco Optical Lab’s lean cultural transformation, will identify the habits of a lean leader, which will enable you to: 


Searching for the Perfect Cancer Care 

Presenter: Carlos Frederico Pinto, M.D. (aka Dr. Fred); CEO; Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV)  

Carlos Frederico Pinto, MD, known as “Dr. Fred,” will share how the Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV) team has improved its own work and is helping to “reduce the cancer burden among us all” in the Sao Jose dos Campos Metro area, 60 miles from Sao Paulo, Brazil.    



Lean Product and Process Development

Creating a Management System for a Global and Virtual Environment

Presenter: Ryan Mitchell, Engineering Chief of Staff, Caterpillar Earthmoving Division

In this session, Ryan Mitchell will present how Caterpillar leaders have evolved its management system (Operating System X Leadership Behaviors) to support their global business using both physical and virtual obeyas and visual management methods.



Overcoming Inertia: More Talk, More Action Through Kaizen Methodology

. Presenters: Deb Merrill, Manager, Process Improvement, Amadeus Hospitality, and Michael Rubin, Chief Operating Officer, TravelClick (an Amadeus company)

Deb Merrill and Michael Rubin will describe how Amadeus Hospitality utilizes kaizen to push transformation from an isolated project-based change-system into a new daily, sustainable way of working.


A Structured Approach to Developing Lean Leaders

 Presenters: Jill Miller, Continuous Improvement Manager, and Chris Shier, HMPS Sr. Manager - Lead International

For 10 years, Herman Miller has systematically developed over 350 Group Leaders and Team Leaders in its ongoing journey to build a Toyota Production System (TPS) management system across global operations. Jill Miller and Chris Shier will share how the partnership between Operations, Human Resources, and the Continuous Improvement Herman Miller Production System (HMPS) teams was fundamental to building a structured program based on the practical application of both TPS and leadership skills.


Hardwiring: Shifting Leaders’ Mindset & Skillset to Improve Results

Presenter: Pat Greco

In her VLX experience, Hardwiring: Shifting Leaders’ Mindset & Skillset to Improve Results, Pat Greco, Ph.D., and her team at Menomonee Falls School District, will describe how she and her team transformed an underperforming school system to one that remains a decade later—through multiple leader transitions—a national leader in K-12 education.


The Future of Leadership: Making Work Meaningful

Presenter: Robert Martichenko

Robert Martichenko, founder and CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Group, will address The Future of Leadership: Making Work Meaningful. In this VLX experience, Martichenko tackles what work—and leadership—will look like in the future, with a focus on sharing a robust framework that will help you take tangible action to be the leader you need to be.


Lean Product and Process DevelopmenT

Experiencing LPPD from Different Leadership Perspectives

Presenter: Kevin Nolan

Kevin Nolan, president & CEO of GE Appliances, will share his unique experiences in Lean Product and Process Development as he rose through the ranks—from VP of Engineering through CTO to president & CEO. In his presentation, Experiencing LPPD from Different Leadership Perspectiveshe’ll share the lessons he learned about how this powerful approach solves problems at all levels. 


Lean Product & Process Development for Beginners

 Presenter: John Drogosz and Katrina Appell

LEI’s John Drogosz, LPPD Coach, and Katrina Appell, LPPD Coach, will deliver Lean Product & Process Development for Beginners, designed to introduce product development teams to the fundamentals and set them on a trajectory for LPPD success.


More sessions being added soon.