Lean Summit 2020
April 6-7, 2020  |  Carlsbad, CA
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Plenary & Breakout Sessions

Creating a Lean Culture

Peter J. Davoren Peter J. Davoren
President and Chief Executive Office
Turner Construction Company

A commitment to lean is making Turner a more inclusive and sustainable company.

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Searching for the Perfect Cancer Care by Spreading Lean Around the System

Carlos Frederico Pinto Carlos Frederico Pinto
Lean Institute Brasil

Carlos Frederico Pinto, MD, known as “Dr. Fred,” will share how the Instituto de Oncologia do Vale (IOV), team has improved its own work and is helping to “reduce the cancer burden among us all” in the Sao Jose dos Campos Metro area, 60 miles from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Staying the Course to a Lean Business System

Ronald P. Kelner Ronald P. Kelner
President and Chief Operating Officer
Deublin Company

Deublin President and CEO Ron Kelner will reveal how the Deublin Performance System (DPS), its version of the Toyota Production System, was developed and sustained since it began with changeover reduction on an assembly cell machine in 2008.

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Hardwiring: Shifting the Mindset & Skillset to Improve Results

Pat Greco Pat Greco
Senior Director of Thought Leadership, Studer Education Former School Superintendent
Menomonee Falls, WI

Learn how Pat Greco and her team shifted an underperforming school system to high performing by building individual and collective capacity to improve.

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The Future of Leadership: Embracing the Future by Making Work Meaningful

Robert Martichenko Robert Martichenko
Founder and CEO
LeanCor Supply Chain Group

As leaders, we are tasked with the combined goals of remaining relevant and competitive all while navigating the human elements of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

These technologies will fundamentally change how we work. While nobody really knows what work will look like in twenty years, we do know that leadership needs to change as we understand and connect the roles and relationships of people to these new technologies.

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Are You Ahead or Behind? -- From Daily Struggle to Moving Forward Together

Kimberly Eng Kimberly Eng
Chief Operating Officer
Lynn Community Health Center
Kiame Mahaniah, MD Kiame Mahaniah, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Lynn Community Health Center

Too often, leaders rely on monthly stats and quarterly reports to make important operational decisions that can drastically impact the front line. Learn how LCHC is shifting decision-making power to frontline leaders, who best know the changes needed to achieve excellence for patients and financial stability for the organization.

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Steady Work

Karen Gaudet Karen Gaudet
Team Leader Operations and Personnel
Lean Enterprise Institute
Transforming frontline operations in a retail chain the size of Starbucks is a story in itself. Karen will share how lean thinking and practice addressed huge demand fluctuation in a retail environment across thousands of stores, and then how baristas … More »

Learning Sessions

A Structured Approach to Developing Lean Leaders

Jill Miller Jill Miller
Continuous Improvement Manager
Herman Miller
Chris Shier Chris Shier
HMPS Sr. Manager - Lead International
Herman Miller Inc

Do you need to create a pipeline for diverse lean leadership talent? Develop a culture of promotion from within? Provide development opportunities for production employees?

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Building an Army of Improvers: Creating the Conditions to Improve, Learn, & Spread Results in Education & Beyond

Pat Greco Pat Greco
Senior Director of Thought Leadership, Studer Education Former School Superintendent
Menomonee Falls, WI
Tina Ponsnanski Tina Ponsnanski
Valley View Elementary
Suzanne Thomas Suzanne Thomas
Director of Quality and Analytics
School District of Menomonee Falls

Learn with leaders from a national bright spot in education about the conditions, commitments, and powerful team behaviors that impacted daily practice and resulted in significantly higher performance at scale.

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Changing the Culture by Truly Focusing on the Customer

Cindy Donchez Cindy Donchez
Manager, Continuous Improvement
Allison McCormick Allison McCormick
Senior Customer Compliance Analyst
Heather Vinson Heather Vinson
Continuous Improvement Professional

How does your customer measure you? We ask this a lot in continuous improvement, but how well do we practice it?

Learn how Crayola’s journey of focusing on the needs of its top customers sparked a transformational change in culture.

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Coaching with Intention: Insights into How to Support Perseverance and Learning

Katie Anderson Katie Anderson
Lean Leadership Coach
KBJ Anderson Consulting
Anna Pessah Anna Pessah
Senior Consultant
Kaiser Permanente

Seasoned coaches will share coaching concepts and actual applications from their relationship as an external coach (Katie) and an internal coach (Anna) and how Anna then worked with leaders in her organization.

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Deepening Mission, Strengthening Culture: Addressing Health and Health Equity the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Way

William Huen William Huen
Director of Performance Improvement,
San Francisco General Hospital

Hear stories about the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Way (ZSFG), how they are failing and succeeding, and their journey as a public safety-net hospital system to improve health and health equity with compassion and respect.

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Designing and Building a Lean Culture

Lauren Gallagher Lauren Gallagher
Project Manager, Design and Construction
Oregon Health & Science University
Jessica Radecki Jessica Radecki
Healthcare Director
NBBJ Design

Learn how this team approached the challenge of creating a lean culture during the design of the Oregon Science and Health University Hospital Expansion Project in Portland.

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Developing a Leader-Led Management Transformation to Improve the Delivery of Global Construction Services

Douglas Cooper Douglas Cooper
Vice President & Regional Lean Manager
Turner Construction Company
Robert Grimes Robert Grimes
Vice President, Director of Lean
Turner Construction Company

Join Turner Construction VP’s as they share an intimate look at how they are transforming the nation’s leading general builder through the adoption of lean thinking.

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Developing Leaders and a Management System at Instituto de Oncologia do Vale

Stela Coelho
Chemical and Food Engineer
Carlos Frederico Pinto Carlos Frederico Pinto
Lean Institute Brasil

Developing a lean culture in IOV’s new partners was an immediate challenge. As a countermeasure, IOV strategized to challenge leaders to create lean management systems in the new partner organizations.

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Examine complex problem solving inside of Toyota: A Case Study review

John Y. Shook John Y. Shook
Chairman Lean Global Network; Senior Advisor
Lean Enterprise Institute
Lisa Yerian, M.D. Lisa Yerian, M.D.
Chief Improvement Officer
Cleveland Clinic

Join skilled lean management practitioners John Shook, senior advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute, and Lisa Yerian, MD, medical director of continuous improvement at the Cleveland Clinic, for a close examination of Toyota Production System (TPS) principles in action on a vexing problem.

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Good Coach / Bad Coach

Paulo Couto Paulo Couto
Senior Vice President Integrated Sub Systems
John Y. Shook John Y. Shook
Chairman Lean Global Network; Senior Advisor
Lean Enterprise Institute

Learn a coaching management approach designed to escape the command-and-control paradigm without turning?development activity into a free-for-all?

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Habits of the Lean Leader

Sammy Obara Sammy Obara
LEI Faculty, President Honsha Associates
Honsha Associates
Carlos Vallejo Carlos Vallejo
LSSBB - Manager
Costco Optical Lab

This session will cover key aspects of lean leadership to allow you to develop lean thinkers and problem solvers, create a sense of urgency and purpose, introduce standards and ensure adherence to them and establish priorities in a lean environment.

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Improving Communications Between Operations and Finance at Wonderful Pistachios with a Box Score

Conan Dunlap
GM Firebaugh Processing Facility?
Ted Keller Ted Keller
Director of Accounting
Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds

In this session, Ted and Conan will reveal the lessons learned and benefits of implementing a box score and other lean tools from both the operations and finance perspectives.

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Knowledge, Grit, Outrage, and a Strong Bias for Action at United Plastics Fabricating

Andrew Lingel Andrew Lingel
United Plastic Fabricating

In this session, we will explore the lean transformation in progress since 2018 at United Plastics Fabricating (UPF). Hear how UPF created an understanding of basic lean concepts, developed an environment where employees can be resilient, and instilled a culture of continuous improvement.

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Leader Behaviors for Sustaining Lean

Gary Vance Gary Vance
Director of Continuous Improvement
JBT Corporation

Learn leader behaviors that have been shown to effectively sustain real-world lean transformations over long periods of time and in many different industries.We will explore in-depth three specific leader behaviors and have the chance to practice them during the session.

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Learning by Doing: Insights from Leading a World-Class Lean Program

Derek Daly Derek Daly
Vice President of Operations
Daryl Powell Daryl Powell
Research Manager
SINTEF Manufacturing

In this interactive session, Daryl Powell (SINTEF, Norway) and Derek Daly (Hydroid, USA) share stories from Learning Lean at the Gemba of Kongsberg Maritime (KM) Subsea, a project-based solutions provider of advanced underwater sensor systems, including fishery sonars and catch monitoring systems, underwater mapping systems and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

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Nothing Propinks like Propinquity: Building Trust via Collaboration

Jim Benson Jim Benson
Modus Cooperandi
Victoria Swann Victoria Swann
Director of IT User Services
Barnard College

Learn how one small collegiate IT department began a journey to rebuild pathways of trust between its constituent teams.

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Overcoming Inertia: More Talk, More Action Through Kaizen Methodology

Mike De Luca Mike De Luca
Principal and Owner
Torre Consulting
Deb Merrill Deb Merrill
Manager, Process Improvement
Amadeus Hospitality
Michael Rubin Michael Rubin
Chief Operating Officer
TravelClick (an Amadeus company)

Hear how Amadeus Hospitality utilizes kaizen to push transformation from isolated project-based changes to new sustainable daily ways of working. Results include elimination of additional headcounts, millions of dollars in direct savings, and better process improvement focus through a dramatic reduction in nonvalue-added work.

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The Challenges of Exponential Growth: Magalu Case

Henrique Imbertti Jr Henrique Imbertti Jr
Director of Organizational Agility
Magazine Luiza

Learn how a 60 year old company with more than 20,000 employees that used to be “a retail business with an IT department” became “a digital platform with physical stores and a human touch.”

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The Future of Leadership: Embracing the Future by Making Work Meaningful

Derek Browning Derek Browning
Consulting Services Director
LeanCor Supply Chain Group
Robert Martichenko Robert Martichenko
Founder and CEO
LeanCor Supply Chain Group

Building upon the concepts introduced in the general session, this workshop will dive deeper into the Triple Peaks framework.

In an interactive manner, you’ll discuss and build on your own implementation plan relative to the core dynamics of Respect, Knowledge, and Courage.

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The Trials and Tribulations of a 20 Year Lean Journey

Jennifer Christison Jennifer Christison
Senior Director, Improvement Strategy
Seattle Children's Hospital
Aileen Kelly Aileen Kelly
Vice President Development
Seattle Children's Hospital

The lean journey of Seattle Children’s Hospital has not been a linear one. Just like any organization, it has had ups and downs, successes, and failures. The thread that has guided this journey is fairly simple; asking and answering: “What problem are we trying to solve?”

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Transforming a Multigenerational Company Using an Innovative Lean Approach

Ray Littlefield Ray Littlefield
Managing Director
Shaun McDonough Shaun McDonough
Market Development
Rina Sinha Rina Sinha

In this session, you’ll hear from the third-generation vice president on how the company is transforming for the present and future using lean principles to make a difference not only in the organization but also in the community where it operates.

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Zx-Quest: Building an Excellence Framework for the Long Haul

Steve Crowley Steve Crowley
Global Director of Operations
Zx-Ventures: an AB InBev company
Dana Mitchell Dana Mitchell
Global Manager of Operations
Zx-Ventures: an AB InBev company

In this session, Dana and Steve will share the story of how to build an organization from scratch from within a Fortune 500 company.

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