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2015 Lean Transformation Summit
The 2015 Lean Transformation Summit will be held on March 4-5, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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How to Make Your Supplier Your Lean Partner
Lean practitioner Randy Dobbs says working with suppliers to improve the extended value stream of his company has been one of the most rewarding aspects of his career. Read Dobbs' advice on how to work effectively with suppliers.
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Lean Education

2 Ways to Build Your Problem-Solving Muscles

These two-day, in-depth workshops at our Cambridge, MA, office will help you and your team tone your problem-solving skills: 


• Stop struggling with creating and implementing future-state maps and plans. Take Value-Stream Mapping: a Methodology for Sustainable System Improvement:  Oct. 14-15.


• Learn how repeatable patterns of thought and action- called kata in martial arts - help you and your team improve every day. Take Improvement Kata / Coaching Kata, Oct. 28-30.

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Lead With Respect What You Want, What You Need: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Our just-published business novel, Lead With Respect,shows you how developing people's capabilities as problem solvers is the ultimate sign of workplace respect and a decisive business advantage.

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Knowledge Center

Why Do Problem-Solving Projects Fail?

You've probably participated in problem-solving projects that have fallen short of expectations. Why did they fail? Lean Enterprise Institute faculty member Eric Ethington explains why traditional problem-solving processes come up short in two key areas.

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Improvement/Coaching Kata Improvement Kata
& Coaching Kata

How to Deploy the Improvement Kata

This month's IK/CK SlideShare is a detailed description of how to deploy a Coach/Learner structure in your organization, to teach people the scientific patterns of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata. We've been evolving this SlideShare based on our experiences since it was first posted in 2011. Use it as a guide for your own deployment efforts!

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John Shook
The Essence of Developing People and Yourself
John Shook Jane Delaney is the CEO of a medium sized software company in the UK. As her company faces crisis upon crisis she finds herself forced to reexamine everything. Herself. Her role as a leader. Her own learning throughout a career that has led her to this point successfully. As she faces the fact that she has much more to learn in order to solve her company’s messy problems, Delaney realizes that the nature of the learning she needs has more to do with her than with the company. Ouch – company crisis becomes personal crisis.
Gemba Coach
Would you have a fresh perspective on 5S to make it more motivating?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach,I’m the manager of a plant that has changed hands (again). The new corporate team finds my 5S insufficient (again) and want me to make a 5S drive (again). Would you have a fresh perspective on 5S to make it more motivating?
A3 Dojo
Don't Present Your A3: Share Your A3
A3 Coach Eric Ethington explains why he encourages people to share rather than present their A3s--and explains the reasons why this distinction helps foster productive teamwork and learning.
Lean Product and Process Exchange Inc.
Join LEI Founder Jim Womack and LEI Senior Advisor Jim Morgan at the Lean Product and Process Exchange Inc. - September 23-24, 2014 in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina.
On-Site Training
Bring Lean Learning In-House

Most of our 30+ workshops can be taught at your facility by our faculty of lean management professionals, who have years of experience implementing what they teach. Call 617-871-2900 for more information about tailoring on-site workshops to your specific needs.

Webinar Archives
How to Lead With Respect

In this webinar lean practitioner Michael Ballé, coauthor of our new business novel Lead With Respect, shares what you must actually do to create and sustain a problem-solving culture.