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Lean Summit Online Learning
Online Webcast Key Concepts of Lean,
Sep 2-11, 2014 (4 Sessions)
HC summit

We all need to have a good understanding of the fundamentals.With hectic schedules, plenty of work to be done, and people working remotely, this type of training can prove difficult. This is why we've developed the online webcast workshop, "Key Concepts of Lean."

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The Lean Post NEW!The Lean Post
Why Skill-Based Learning is Harder Than You Think
Lean practitioner Joel Gross explains why skill-based learning (like learning how to problem solve using PDSA) requires active, hands-on practice with consistent, meaningful, and timely feedback from an outside source.
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Lean Education

Training to Develop and Implement Your Strategy at LEI in Cambridge, MA

Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata shows you how to achieve the goals by using systematic routines to continuously achieve short-term target conditions pointing in the right strategic direction. August 19-21, Cambridge, MA – at LEI.


18 Workshops, Covering 5 Lean Management Tracks: Concepts and Tools, People Capability, Problem Solving, Lean System Management, Process Improvement. Plus sessions on leadership and high-mix/low-volume manufacturing. September 16-19, 2014, Minneapolis, MN.

Lean Bookstore

Lead With Respect NEW! Lead With Respect:
A Novel Of Lean Practice


The latest business novel by Michael and Freddy Ballé is at the printer, but you can start reading it now and start getting fresh insights about how to use lean tools and techniques to develop people.

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Knowledge Center

New Lean Case Study Page

We've arranged dozens of original lean management cases studies into 16 categories – including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, job shops, government, privately held companies, you name it --  to help you find the examples you need faster and easier.

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Improvement/Coaching Kata Improvement Kata
& Coaching Kata

Two Mindset Obstacles to Effective Learning

The Kata SlideShare for August looks at two common mindsets that prevent us from learning new skills. Any team or organization that wants to develop a culture of continuous improvement will benefit from some structured practice routines -- Kata -- for developing scientific skills, especially at the beginning.

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New and
John Shook
John Shook I'm a long-time fan of Brasilian futbol (or as some of us call it, soccer). This World Cup, I've been won over by the Mexican team. Why? Coach Miguel Herrera. Why? His passion is infectious. As a fan, I love it.Coaching, though, isn't just one thing.
Gemba Coach
What's new in your new novel "Lead With Respect"?
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba Coach,I see that you have a new lean management novel out called Lead With Respect. What's new in it?
A3 Dojo
Don't Present Your A3: Share Your A3
A3 Coach Eric Ethington explains why he encourages people to share rather than present their A3s--and explains the reasons why this distinction helps foster productive teamwork and learning.
Engage With Other Lean Thinkers
No matter where you are in your lean journey the forums has something for you. Ask questions to your fellow peers and engage in meaningful conversations with those who are dealing with the same struggles that you are.
On-Site Training
Bring Lean Learning In-House

Most of our 30+ workshops can be taught at your facility by our faculty of lean management professionals, who have years of experience implementing what they teach. Call 617-871-2900 for more information about tailoring on-site workshops to your specific needs.

“How ThedaCare Created Its Own Management System”
Author and former ThedaCare SVP Kim Barnas describes how her team created a lean, stable management system that supported a culture of continuous improvement.