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Daniel T. Jones

Daniel T. Jones

Founder and Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy

Founder and Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy in the U.K., Daniel T. Jones is a senior advisor to the Lean Enterprise Institute, management thought leader, and mentor on applying lean process thinking to every type of business.

He is the author with James P. Womack of the influential and popular management books that describe the principles and practice of lean thinking in production, The Machine that Changed the World, and Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Organization, and the workbookbook Seeing the Whole Value Stream. Their book Lean Solutions: How Companies and Customers Can Create Value and Wealth Together extends these ideas to consumption, provision, and service delivery. He is the publisher of Breaking Through to Flow, Creating Lean Dealers, and Making Hospitals Work. A sought-after keynoter, Jones also has organized Lean Summit conferences in Europe, including the Frontiers of Lean Summit, the First Global Lean Healthcare Summit, and the Lean Transformation Summit.

Jones advises organizations in different sectors on their lean transformations, helped establish the first company University in the UK at Unipart, wrote the UK Government's Rethinking Construction report and Lean Thinking for the NHS. He organized the first Global Healthcare Summit, mentors a dozen hospitals in the UK, Italy and the USA and published Making Hospitals Work. Jones was the European Director of MIT's Future of the Automobile and International Motor Vehicle Programs. He is advisor to the European Efficient Consumer Response movement and editor of the International Commerce Review. Jones holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Sussex.

Professor Jones can be contacted at:

Lean Enterprise Academy
The Old Vicarage
Goodrich Ross-on-Wye
Herefordshire HR9 6JE, UK
e-mail: dan@leanuk.org
Tel: +44 (0) 1600 890590
Fax: +44 (0) 1600 890540

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Seeing the Whole Value Stream (Introduction)
Introduction to the workbook Seeing the Whole Value Stream "For years now we have loved to “take a walk” along the entire value stream for a givenproduct, looking for value and waste. We’ve done this for dozens of products in manyindustries and followed streams across the world. We presented our first example in LeanThinking (1996) when we drew the path of a humble cola can. This simple product withonly three parts (barrel, top, and “pop-top”) traveled 319 days through nine facilitiesowned by six companies in four countries to progress from ore in the ground into thehands of the customer. Yet More »
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Seeing the Whole Value Stream (Foreword by John Shook)
Foreword from the workbook Seeing the Whole Value Stream "What a difference a decade makes. When Dan Jones and Jim Womack were preparing thefirst edition of this workbook in 2002, the world was in a mad rush to de-integrate itsvalue streams by outsourcing and offshoring. Instead of analyzing and improving valuestreams in order to reduce total costs and provide better value for customers, managerswere searching the globe for suppliers who would quote dramatically lower piece prices. "As it turned out, few managers knew what was actually going on along the lengthymulti-organization value streams they were creating. Indeed many probably did More »