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"Training Within Industry" Program Resources for Healthcare
Author: N/A
Media Format: Outside Resources
Publish Date: 8/20/2009

The "Training Within Industry" program was a U.S. government program during World War II that focused on ramping up war production. The methodology for creating job instructions, managing continuous improvement, and training employees became the foundation for Toyota's approach to Standardized Work as it was taught to them after the war.

The TWI approach was also used in healthcare during the war. The approach is being utilized today in a growing number of hospitals as that history is rediscovered.

The TWI Institute has resources and historical documents about TWI in healthcare.

Google Map of Documented Lean Healthcare Sites
Author: Graban, Mark
Media Format: Outside Resources
Publish Date: 8/19/2009

This is an "open source" edit-able Google Map that illustrates healthcare sites around the world with a documented Lean effort.

View Healthcare Organizations with Lean Efforts in a larger map 


You can add sites to the map by clicking on the link above. You can access the map directly via the URL www.leanmaps.com.

Links to Hospital Lean Websites
Author: Compiled by the Lean Enterprise Institute
Media Format: Outside Resources
Publish Date: 8/14/2009
Developing Lean Skills for Future Transformations
Author: O'Donnell, John
Media Format: Articles; Outside Resources; Training and Education
Publish Date: 4/15/2009

State money and, more recently, federal Economic Recovery dollars might be available for you to fund lean training. A good place to start looking for what’s available locally is the U.S. Department of Labor’s “One-Stop Career Center System.”

Lean Initiatives at State Environmental Agencies
Author: N/A
Media Format: Outside Resources
Publish Date: 1/1/2003
Environmental agencies in several states, including Delaware, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nebraska are applying lean and six sigma principles to cut permitting time and complexity. This page at the federal EPA summarizes what's going on in the states. Scroll to the bottom for links to presentations and more information.