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2016 Lean Transformation Summit
March 17-18, 2016
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Learn from leading lean practitioners and colleagues who have faced the same challenges you face now. You'll also enjoy the industry's best networking to build (or continue to build) your own network of lean thinkers

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The Lean Post The Lean Post
Mapping Out Your Gemba Walks
"Gemba walks may sound like Lean 101 but they still require 110% of your undivided attention," writes Andrew Quibell. "And even then the problems that sent you on the gemba walk may go unnoticed if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for." Check out Quibell's favorite sketch for mapping and honing the focus of his gemba walks.
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Training for Sustaining Lean

6 workshops for starting and sustaining a lean management transformation: Seattle, Jan. 26-29. Enrolling Now »


Online! Key Concepts of Lean: Align lean philosophy and tools to create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement

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book coverNew Teaching Tool for Lean Teams

Just published! The Gold Mine Trilogy Study Guide supports, challenges, and facilitates your teams along the "way to lean" implementation path revealed in the trilogy of lean novels by Michael and Freddy Ballé.


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Success Story: Engaging People in Problem Solving

O.C. Tanner develops recognition and reward programs. So its lean transformation had to show that the company appreciated people's problem-solving ideas.  


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Improvement/Coaching Kata Improvement Kata
& Coaching Kata

Kata Creates Culture

In a video by LEI Hungary, Tilo Schwarz shows you how IK+CK is a management system that increases scientific problem solving ability, through practice of specific behaviors. Tilo and his team at Festool (Germany) used practice of the Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata routines to make improvement part of everyone's daily work, and earned two European operational excellence awards in the process.

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Gemba Coach
Why you can't convince your boss to support lean activities, unless ...
Michael Ballé Dear Gemba  Coach,I work as a deployment champion in a manufacturing company, but I don’t have the support of my managers because they don´t believe in the lean methodology. Which lean tools can be used to help them believe?
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Looking for some inspiration or guidance on your lean journey? Not sure how to figure out takt time or want to learn how lean is being applied in government? Check out LEI's forums.
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Bring Lean Learning In-House

Most of our 30+ workshops can be taught at your facility by our faculty of lean management professionals, who have years of experience implementing what they teach. Call 617-871-2900 for more information about tailoring on-site workshops to your specific needs.

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How to Lead With Respect

Lead With Respect co-author Michael Ballé gives you 7 specific steps that make leading with respect a daily habit. Includes a follow-up Q&A.

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