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Gemba-Based Education for Supply Chain and Distribution Professionals

Your chance to build on the concepts explained in the just-released 2d edition of Seeing the Whole Value Stream comes January 17-20, 2012, at two special, hands-on workshops being run at the LeanCor Supply Chain Group Operational Center, in Florence, KY,

The workshops, “Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream” along with “Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations” will take place at LeanCor so you can "go see" lean principles in action in the extended value stream, logistics, and transportation management.

- Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream: Rethinking Supply Chain and Logistics Management  (2 days): Based on the LEI workbook Building the Lean Supply Stream, this workshop teaches you how to apply lean principles to the extended enterprise, beginning with extended value-stream mapping to uncover waste. You’ll learn how to calculate “total cost of ownership” for material purchases, cut lead time and inventory, develop customer and supplier measurement systems, break down cross-functional barriers, implement pull systems for material replenishment, and establish supply-chain visibility.

- Lean Warehousing and Distribution Operations (2 days): Learn how to begin implementing lean principles step-by-step in a warehouse, using techniques such as lean storage, operational diagramming, standardized work, workload planning, and visual management. Topics also include development of small batch work assignments, operational diagrams, and a work load plan to create a just-in-time operation based on levelized work, pull, and continuous flow.

Complete details about content, discounts, and instructors are at the Lean Enterprise Institute website.