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Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Workshop Set for Lean Transportation Center

The Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) and Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) LeanCor Supply Chain Group will offer a two-day workshop, June 6-7, 2012, on how to apply lean principles to the extended enterprise, beginning with extended value-stream mapping to uncover waste.

The workshop, “Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream” will take place at LeanCor’s supply chain group operations center, Florence, KY, so attendees can "go see" lean principles in action in the management of supply chains and logistics.

Supply Chain Improvement

The workshop will reinforce concepts learned in class by demonstrating to attendees the application of visual management, pull vs. push replenishment, standard work, plan-do-check-act problem-solving tools, quality at the source, and continuous improvement.

Based on the LEI workbook Building the Lean Fulfillment Stream, the workshop also teaches how to:

  • Calculate “total cost of ownership” for material purchases
  • Cut lead time and inventory
  • Develop customer and supplier measurement systems
  • Break down cross-functional barriers
  • Implement pull systems for material replenishment
  • Establish supply-chain visibility

For more information on this course or to register, visit: https://www.lean.org/Workshops/WorkshopDescription.cfm?WorkshopId=45  

On-Site Lean Training

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What Is Lean

The terms lean manufacturing, lean production, or lean management refer to a complete business system for organizing and managing product development, operations, suppliers, customer relations, and the overall enterprise that requires less capital, material, space, time, or human effort to produce products and services with fewer defects to precise customer desires, compared with traditional modern management.

Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc. was founded in 1997 by management expert James P. Womack, Ph.D., as a nonprofit research, education, publishing, and conference company with a mission to advance lean thinking around the world. Visit LEI at https://www.lean.org for more information. Media: Chet Marchwinski, cmarchwinski@lean.org, (617) 871-2930.

About LeanCor

LeanCor Supply Chain Group is a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider wholly dedicated to lean logistics. LeanCor designs, implements, and manages the flow of materials, components, goods, and information throughout the supply chain for companies of various sizes and industries. Services include lean third party logistics services, warehousing and facility management, training, and consulting. Through these services and its partnerships with established, forward thinking entities, LeanCor is designed to support companies in their efforts to eliminate organizational waste, drive down cost, and increase competitive advantage.