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Margie Hagene

Margie Hagene

Margie has over 20 years experience in helping executives and senior leaders realize their changing roles and responsibilities, and develop appropriate skills, for leading in a lean environment. For 18 years, Margie was a global internal consultant for Ford Motor Company at all levels within the organization - from team leaders to the COO - in Product Development, Design, and Manufacturing. Since exiting Ford, Margie has worked in a variety of service and manufacturing industries helping organizations effectively blend the social and technical elements in complex systems to ensure the sustainability of their lean transformation. Margie is also active with university programs in areas of leadership development, organizational learning, and lean thinking.
Workshops Taught by Margie Hagene
Coaching for Improvement with Daily Intention (at the 2020 Lean Summit) What competencies do leaders in your organization have to develop an organization filled with problem solvers? How effectively do they consistently ask questions that create the conditions for learning and practice as PDCA thinkers? How intentional are they daily with development of their own coaching skills in service to those they lead?  Strong Lean leaders must have a balance of social and technical competencies. Capably coaching others is essential to developing PDCA Thinkers at every level of the organization, and requires leaders to develop new habits and practices of their own.    During this one-day interactive workshop, participants will practice More »
Transformational Leadership: An Experiential Program for Lean Leaders This 2.  5-day executive program uses experiential methodology to uncover the thinking that drives leaders’ behaviors. The program engages you in a realistic business simulation followed by a series of debriefs for reflection on your current leadership style and in order to help you develop a plan for moving toward a more effective lean leadership model. More »