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Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeff has 22 years of Toyota Production System experience gained through his work at NUMMI as a Supervisor of Truck Frame & Chassis Lines, Labor Relations Representative, and with the TPS internal Kaizen Group. Jeff also had a multiyear assignment with the Toyota Supplier Support Center. After resigning from Toyota, Jeff has been helping with companies and organizations learn how to apply lean principles in various environments: appliances, automotive, coffee, clothing, power generation, food processing, airline catering, etc. Jeff holds BS in Business- major was Operations Management from Auburn University
Articles by Jeff Smith
KAIZEN CHALLENGE: Lean Technical and Social Quiz
In this kaizen challenge, lean coach Jeff Smith invites you to help determine the optimal lot size to run through assembly. Please share your thoughts! More »
Learning to Help Anna Elevate Her Game
Anna was trained by NUMMI to identify and solve challenges via experiments with her team, notes Jeff Smith, sharing a story from NUMMI; she had been trained to set up jobs, build racks for parts, and more.  Yet evidently what she needed to resolve the issue at hand was a little practical understanding/physical help and space to think while being relaxed and not emotionally wound up. More »
Heijunka: Mastering the Peaks and Valleys
Struggling to run different types of products down one line? Lean coach Jeff Smith explains the lean manufacturing concept of Heijunka (or production leveling) by way of a story. More »
Coaching Effectively Within Takt Time
When time is of the essence and work just needs to be done, how do you help someone improve their work or solve a problem quickly? Jeff Smith shares an example from the shopfloor. More »
Challenge: Understand and Adapt for Sales Pace Growth
It's our first Lean Challenge post! Come up with a plan to help a machining business deal with the technical and social challenges posed by increasing customer demand. More »
Lean Labor Relations and The Customer First Principle
Here’s the scene: A production line at a car and truck manufacturing plant is stalling several times a day resulting in serious workflow issues. Read the true story about how a union rep, labor rep, line worker, and team member from production control worked together to get to the bottom of the issue. More »
Workshops Taught by Jeff Smith
Building a Lean Operating & Management System A hands-on, mind engaging simulation-based workshop that will help you achieve a deeper understanding of lean principles and tools by developing your problem solving skills to meet critical business challenges at your workplace. More »