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Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

Lean Leadership Coach, KBJ Anderson Consulting

Katie Anderson is a lean leadership coach and performance improvement specialist with over 15 years of experience. Katie is passionate about developing people's leadership, problem solving and coaching capabilities to support continuous improvement and organizational transformation. For over a decade, Katie has led lean transformations at a variety of healthcare organizations and has supported the development of lean leaders across many industries. In 2013, Katie started her own independent consulting practice focused on lean leadership coaching, strategy, and implementation. Prior to that time, Katie held senior Lean leadership positions in two prominent California healthcare organizations, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Stanford University's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. 

Katie is a coach for the Fisher School of Business's Masters of Business Operational Excellence program and is faculty for the Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value and the Lean Enterprise Institute. She has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences on lean leadership and coaching, and has co-authored multiple publications on lean, healthcare quality, and health policy. Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Biology with honors from Stanford University, and a Masters of Philosophy in Public Health (MPhil) from the University of Sydney (Australia) as a Fulbright Scholar.

Read Katie's reflections on leadership, Lean, and life in Japan at kbjanderson.com.

Articles by Katie Anderson
Never Fail...To Create the Conditions for People to be Successful
In this excerpt from Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, Katie Anderson shares the story of how Isao Yoshino learned first-hand the value that Toyota places in learning from failure--from humbly framing unexpected outcomes as opportunities to learn. More »
Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn--A Transcription of a Conversation with Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino
Explore the challenges of learning from experience in this transcript of the podcast with Katie Anderson and Mr. Isao Yoshino.    More »
Lessons Shared On Learning to Lead; and Leading to Learn
In her new book, Katie Anderson argues that, "being a leader means clearly defining a challenge or target for your people. The purpose of a challenge is to stretch people to create new possibilities, to strive for bigger outcomes, and to support learning.  " More »
Don't Just Go Back--Go Forward...With Kindness and A Little Creativity!
As we all grapple with ongoing changes imposed by the Covid-19 virus, we have reflected deeply, and humbly share the following new ways that will bring value and benefit to people, animals and our planet. More »
"Roll"-ing Out Lean at Kura Sushi
Self-professed "lean geek" Katie Anderson has eaten several meals at Kura Sushi restaurants and shares her observations on what she sees as lean principles at play More »
Getting Out of the Habit of Telling
In this engaging talk at the Lean Transformation Summit in Nashville, Katie Anderson talked about learning how to keep from telling others what to do. More »
When A3s Get Personal
Think A3s are just for organizational problems? Think again. Katie Anderson discusses how to adapt A3 thinking to guide our personal development. More »
Do You Practice Routine Personal Development?
Once we learn lean we often start seeing it everywhere, even in places we might least expect it. In this instance, Katie Anderson saw a connection to personal A3 thinking -- in a musician talking about how he practices the trumpet. Read more. More »
Developing Better Habits Using A3 Thinking
Think A3 thinking is only for solving organizational problems? Think again! LEI faculty Katie Anderson shares her secrets for using A3s as a tool for structuring personal-development coaching. More »
Summit Reflections: Knowing What You Need to Improve
"As leaders, sometimes the things that we feel like we can more easily change are not the things that we need to change," writes Katie Anderson. A quote she heard at the recent Lean Coaching Summit in Minneapolis reminded her of this, and she now reflects on that quote and the value it holds for any lean leader. More »
Lean in Japan: The Benefit of an Outsider's View
"Sometimes when we know a process, culture, or organization too deeply, we struggle to view things as they actually are.  ..  " writes Katie Anderson who is currently observing lean companies in Japan. "When we are a near complete outsider as I’ve been.  .. we are able to see things without as many preconceived notions of 'how it should be done.  '" More »
Standout Lessons from the 4th Annual Lean Coaching Summit
"A coach’s role is to help someone better understand their own process," writes Katie Anderson. How will you bring greater intentionality to the way you coach and develop others? More »
Be More than a Coach, Be a Coach Who Listens
"When we hold on too tightly to our own assumptions of a problem and what we think are solutions, we miss out on hearing a different perspective," writes Katie Anderson. "Or, we end up advocating for our own point of view by asking questions with the [intention] to get the problem solver to go down our way of thinking.  " More »
How To Get Out of the Habit of Telling
How do we get out of the habit of just “fixing” the immediate problem at hand ourselves (or telling others how we think they should do something), and replace it with the habit of developing others to solve a problem? Lean coach Katie Anderson weighs in. More »
Building Capability, Transforming Organizations
How do we improve ourselves as coaches while developing the problem solving capabilities of others? Lean coach Katie Anderson suggests using a personal improvement A3. More »
Workshops Taught by Katie Anderson
Coaching for Development - Structured Coaching Using A3 Thinking This workshop will take participants through a unique version of the A3 thinking process, modified to facilitate and foster personal development. We will also discuss key coaching and leadership skills that support developing others as problem solvers, and tips for how to use the personal A3 framework to anchor ongoing coaching relationship. More »