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Robert Martichenko

Robert Martichenko

Founder and CEO, LeanCor Supply Chain Group

Robert O. Martichenko is the Founder and CEO of LeanCor Supply Chain Groupa trusted supply-chain partner with a mission to advance the world’s supply chains.

Robert is an industry thought leader, who has spent over 25 years learning and implementing lean and operational excellence with a focus on end-to-end supply chain management across a wide array of industries. His mission is to embrace the role of the Human CEO, who believes respect, empathy, relationships, education, courage, and critical thinking are still matter in order to remain relevant and competitive.  

As a professional speaker, Robert addresses topics such as “Building Cultures of Continuous Improvement,” “The Power of Narrative Leadership,” “Discovering Hidden Profit,” and “Make Work Meaningful: The Human CEO’s Strategy.” He also participates and volunteers on multiple advisory boards and educational institutions. 

He has received numerous prominent industry awards, most notably, the Distinguished Service Award by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionalsthe highest recognition achievable for professionals in the supply chain industry. 

Robert has written several business books, most recently, Discovering Hidden Profit. His other books include Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade and Lean Six Sigma Logistics and two Shingo Research award-winning books: People: A leader’s day-to-day guide to building, managing, and sustaining lean organizations and Building a Lean Fulfillment Streampublished by the Lean Enterprise Institute.

His debut novel, Drift and Hum, has won multiple awards including the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Winner Award for Best First Book-Fiction. He has also written two children’s books, It’s Perfect Being Me and A Day Well Spent. Robert holds a bachelor’s in mathematics, an MBA in finance, and a six sigma black belt. 

Articles by Robert Martichenko
8 Tips for “Passing the Baton” with Suppliers and Customers
In a relay, the winning team isn’t the one that runs the fastest leg, but the one that runs fastest start to finish without dropping the baton. In business, the winning supply chain isn’t the one with the most efficient operational silos, but the one that is most efficient end to end, especially at the handoffs. More »
Books by Robert Martichenko
Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade
Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade is a quick, fun introduction to lean. The book connects common lean tools to the broader lean journey, shows how to identify and eliminate waste, and aids the reader in seeing lean for what it truly is: a way to create a learning and problem-solving culture. More »
Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream
This workbook explains step-by-step a comprehensive, real-life implementation process for optimizing your entire fulfillment stream from raw materials to customers, including practical insights into two critical concepts: calculating the total cost of fulfillment and collaborating across all functions and firms along the fulfillment stream. More »
Workshops Taught by Robert Martichenko
Go and See the Lean Supply Chain: Gemba-Based Workshop This two-day workshop is part of our new series of special programs which combine classroom learning with practical experience at the gemba. The workshop is conducted at the LeanCor Supply Chain Group Operational Center in Florence, Kentucky to allow the program attendees to see firsthand how lean principles are applied to logistics and supply chain processes in order to create an extended lean enterprise. It defines logistics and supply chain management and discusses what organizations need to do to successfully implement lean in order to build a Lean Supply Stream. More »