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David Westphal

David Westphal

President, DLW Partners

David Westphal began his extensive career with General Motors in 1990. From 1990 to 2003 David held various positions of increasing responsibility including Manufacturing Engineer, Production Manager, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Superintendent of Engineering, and Sub Plant Manager, managing facilities with up to $350 million in revenue.

Along with training assignments at NUMMI in Fremont California, David was chosen for a multi-year leadership development assignment working directly with Mr. Tom Harada both in the US and Japan (Toyota) In this role David trained and developed his understanding of Global Production Systems, with a specialty in manufacturing and Hoshin. David is recognized as a leading Global Expert on operations management, large scope transformation, and lean systems implementation in manufacturing operations. 

In 2018, with more than 28 years of hands on lean transformation and manufacturing leadership experience, David focused his efforts on running DLW Partners a full-service operations consulting firm as President full time.  David has worked with top leadership of numerous corporations leading them towards transformational lean excellence. David and his team have worked with a diverse client group including Automotive, Aerospace, Private Equity, Medical, Manufacturing, Product Development, Outdoor Products, Alternative Energy, Consumer Product, and Service markets. 

Articles by David Westphal
Can Smart Manufacturing Replace the Art of Go and See?
Continuous improvement in a manufacturing environment has to happen at the spot where the work took place, shares Dave Westphal, whose mentor, Mr. Harada, once said: “No improvement can be made in the office.  ..  One must go to the job to see what is really happening—to see, to touch, and to investigate the problem first hand.  ” More »