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Matt Zayko

Matt Zayko

President, Zayko Consulting
Matt Zayko is a change agent with over sixteen years experience leading lean enterprise improvements in numerous industries by helping them transform engineering, manufacturing, service processes, and operating systems in a variety of staff- and management-level roles under the guidance of former Toyota mentors and sensei. Matt worked over a twelve-year period for Chrysler Corporation / University of Michigan, Gelman Sciences, General Motors / Delphi Corporation, and Pall Corporation. This real world experience in business performance improvement through use of appropriate lean principles across global organizations and different cultures gives Matt insight into understanding and solving the unique challenges faced by companies working to improve to their ideal state. He has authored numerous works, including articles that have been published in “Journal of Quality Engineering” and “IIE Solutions”, a chapter in the 1998 Shingo-Prize winning book Becoming Lean, and a 2006 white paper for the Lean Enterprise Institute. Matt aids companies implementing lean through Zayko Consulting and as a member of the Lean Transformations Group.
Articles by Matt Zayko
How Does Shop-Floor Lean Compare to Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD)? A Q&A with Matt Zayko
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Workshops Taught by Matt Zayko
Lean Process Creation: Why Developing a Product that Customers Actually Want Requires a Great Process (at the 2018 Designing the Future Summit) Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD) is about creating profitable value streams. This includes designing all of the steps required to deliver your product or service to your customer with maximum value and minimum waste.  Upon launch of a new product, nearly 80% of the cost--and hence waste--has already been locked-in by the product and process designs. Unfortunately, many leaders choose to focus the majority of their improvement efforts post-launch.  This hands-on workshop explores how to focus lean process design energy within the development system, as well as demonstrates key LPPD concepts to support the process design efforts. Exercises throughout More »
Value-Stream Mapping for Manufacturing Learn how to use this fundamental initial step in a lean transformation to create the "blueprints" for applying other tools and targeting kaizen events most effectively. More »
Value-Stream Mapping for Manufacturing: Gemba-Based Workshop This workshop, now offered live for the first time, shows you how to create and apply this fundamental and critical tool, based on Lean Enterprise Institute's groundbreaking VSM workbook, Learning to See, which has introduced the mapping tool to thousands around the world More »