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Designing the Future: A Lean Product Development Immersive Learning Experience (2 Day Class)

Let’s be honest, much of the kaizen we do in our respective gemba is just reworking what the development system should have done differently in the first place. We have cottage industries within our organizations, called Continuous Improvement or Operational Excellence, which are simply reworking the efforts of many smart and well-intentioned people, working in a broken system.  Much kaizen is, in fact, rework. Likewise, these cottage industries have become permanent fixtures in many organizations, not evolving since their inceptions.

A critical milestone in Lean was the publication of the book, The Machine That Changed The World. If you turn to page 104 of that book you will find the missing chapter, or the one that everyone seemed to miss, “Designing the Car.” Although the concept of Lean Product & Process Development (LPPD) has been around since the beginning of lean, it is an opportunity for improvement in organizations with many misconceptions (and yes, it is much more than applying lean in the development space!)Designing the Future: A Lean Product Development Immersive Learning Experience is the first step to changing all of this.

This two day workshop is targeted towards practitioners with an immersive experience applying LPPD principles while developing a product. Since LPPD is an enterprise activity, managers, leaders and continuous improvement agents in an organization are encouraged to attend.

In the Designing the Future workshop, participants will:

Understand the core principles of lean product and process development (LPPD):

  • Deeply understand what your product must be.
  • Create flow and eliminate waste for speed to market.
  • Create new value through experimental learning. 
  • Respect people, who are central to everything in LPPD.

Experience the enterprise-wide process of collaborating on a project to deliver a product to the end-customer by:

  • Understanding what the product must be by understanding customer / user experience to provide customer value, through both gemba based observation and using competitor products.
  • Aligning the organization on what the product must be for both the customer and business; and the associated processes needed through creating a concept paper.
  • Understanding and managing the work from concepting to manufacturing through setting up and running an obeya with visual management.
  • Reflecting on how LPPD processes and tools enable people to fully contribute to developing products customers’ want in general and within their organization.

Finally, through guided self-reflection, participants will create a plan of next steps to start their own LPPD journeys.



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Price: $1,600.00 ($1,400.00 if the participant is taking 2 or more workshops at one location)
Price includes all participant materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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