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Ask Art: Why Should I Convert to a Pull System?
By: Art Byrne | July 21, 2021
Deliver more value to your customers by converting your business to a pull system and connecting demand directly to your production system, advises Art Byrne. More »
Ensuring Success of Hoshin Kanri – a Better Way to Plan and Execute Your Strategy
By: Patricia Panchak | July 12, 2021
Logoplaste's global vice president of lean and strategy shares a few vital lessons, learned through experience, about a proven way to set and achieve your organization's annual strategic objectives. More »
Addressing a Critical Problem in Strategic Planning and Execution
By: Patricia Panchak | July 6, 2021
Logoplaste's global vice president of lean and strategy deployment describes the experience -- and benefits -- six months into its adoption of the hoshin kanri process (aka strategy development and deployment). More »
Contributor's Corner: Learning with 10X Speed at US Synthetic
By: Ken Bertagnolli | June 2, 2021
Making learning and knowledge reuse part of the work accelerates product and process development -- and helps keep you ahead of the competition, asserts Ken Bertagnolli, the VP of R&D at US Synthetic. More »
Combat the Ninth Waste of Overthinking
By: Dan Prock | May 25, 2021
Overthinking should be considered yet another form of waste that true lean practice can identify and eliminate, argues Dan Prock, who shares tangible ways you can think about the right things. More »
Ask Art: Why Switch from Batch to Lean?
By: Art Byrne | May 19, 2021
Switching from batch production to a complete lean enterprise produces benefits far beyond immediate financial results, argues Art Byrne. Read this for details on your potential gains. More »
Understanding the 4S Help Chain, Part 2: Lessons from NUMMI on How to Adapt the Model to Product Development
By: Matt Zayko | April 29, 2021
How do you create an andon signal for your product and process development process? Matt Zayko, a technical coach for LEI's Lean Product and Process Development team, explains. More »
What Problems Does The Gold Mine Challenge You to Address?
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | April 28, 2021
Learning begins with self-reflection, a process that can start with group reading and discussion of ideas from lean books. We are launching the LEI book club with a discussion of The Gold Mine, and sharing questions from the book for you to consider. More »
Understanding the 4S Help Chain, Part 1: Lessons from NUMMI on How to Manage Work Disruptions
By: Matt Zayko | April 27, 2021
What are the four critical characteristics of an effective help chain? Matt Zayko, a technical coach for LEI's Lean Product and Process Development team, explains. More »
How Lean Start-ups Can Avoid Big Company Disease
By: Daryl Powell and Eva Rognskog | April 21, 2021
SATPOS, a lean start-up in Norway specializing in positioning, sensing and monitoring solutions for the ocean is learning to remain agile by observing the effects of BCD on its larger counterparts. CEO Eva Helen Rognskog and Daryl Powell share its progress. More »
Ask Art: How Can I Ensure the Participation of Top Management?
By: Art Byrne | April 13, 2021
Always keep in mind that to be successful with lean, senior management must drive the change, says lean veteran Art Byrne. He shares evidence of how this evidence has helped him lead numerous lean turnarounds. More »
Fight for Your Lean Team
By: Dan Prock | March 29, 2021
Managers, supervisors and coaches should mindfully support the storming and norming that teams require in order to grow an existing work team into a high performing lean community, says Dan Prock. More »
Once More: What is Strategy Deployment, and Why Should You Care?
By: Pascal Dennis | March 24, 2021
Strategy deployment helps keep lean practitioners focused on the prize—creating value for the customer, says Pascal Dennis in the foreword to his Getting the Right Things Done book. Strategy deployment, also known as hoshin kanri, aligns, focuses, and engages our team members. More »
Seeking the Right Problems to Solve: Catch the WLEI Podcast with Author Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg
By: Lean Leaper | March 22, 2021
Learning how to frame your problem will help you solve it, suggests author Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg. He describes how in this episode of the WLEI podcast. More »
How to Breakdown a Complex Challenge for A3 Problem-solving
By: David Verble | March 3, 2021
At some point, every lean practitioner struggles with a problem that seems too complex to put the problem statement, analysis, and corrective actions on the single 11-by-17 inch sheet of paper that is the hallmark of the A3 problem-solving process. The solution is to tackle the social side of problem-solving before the technical side. Here's what you need to know from David Verble, who has 30 years' experience using A3 reports and teaching others how to use them since he created the first A3 training program for Toyota North America. More »
What's Your Lean Origin Story? And Why Does It Matter?
By: Josh Howell | February 16, 2021
"I’m wondering, as a leader and a coach, how can I help others develop similar routines, propagating, for example, the principle of 'work/er first' or 'work/er-back,'" says LEI's Josh Howell. "Reflecting on that has taken me all the way back to my 'lean origin story.  '" More »
Selling Water by the River
By: Dan Prock | February 15, 2021
The most important challenge facing the lean community is that of sustaining both tangible and intangible improvements, says Dan Prock, who suggests that developing kaizen mind represents an enduring countermeasure. More »
Building A Diverse and Capable Workforce from The Bottom Up
By: Mark Reich and Adrienne Trimble | February 2, 2021
LEI's Mark Reich and NMSDC's Adrienne Trimble argue that integrating a lean philosophy into operations and standards seems to be a natural fit for NMSDC’s MBE community, which is using lean practices to be more innovative and responsive to customers. More »
Diving Deeper into the Toyota Way: A Podcast with Jeff Liker
By: Lean Leaper | January 25, 2021
Professor Jeff Liker discusses the new, second edition of his classic book The Toyota Way on WLEI, the LEI podcast. More »
How Cascading A3s Deploy Responsibility to Think as Well as Assign KPIs
By: David Verble | January 7, 2021
During a recent virtual workshop on how to use the A3 problem-solving methodology, a CEO asked how to cascade A3s down through every level of the company to link specific initiatives and strategic goals. Below is the answer from workshop instructor David Verble, during a follow-up conversation with the CEO and the company’s organizational development vice president. More »
Avoiding Lean 'Flatlining': A Podcast with Mark Deluzio, Art Byrne, and Jim Womack
By: Lean Leaper | November 23, 2020
Mark Deluzio, lean consultant, practitioner, and author of Flatlined, discusses enduring challenges with Art Byrne and Jim Womack on this WLEI podcast. More »
Navigating a Lean Quality 4.0 Road Map
By: Andrew Quibell | November 16, 2020
Lean thinking and practice has a great deal to offer when it comes to adjusting to Industry 4.  0, and in this article Andrew Quibell shares thoughts (and a sketch) on this topic More »
Turn To Lean in Times of Crisis
By: Lean Leaper | October 12, 2020
Lean thinkers need new tools and new mindsets to face today's daunting challenges, argues Jim Womack, who shares examples of how this has sparked great historical lean "leaps.  " More »
Boosting Organizational Resilience Through Jidoka
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | October 5, 2020
Jidoka enables operators to build in quality into the production process--and forms a foundation of stability helping a company respond to crisis with resilience. This roundup shares resources explaining jidoka and helping you get started with it. More »
Ask Art: What Was Danaher Like In the Early Days of Lean?
By: Art Byrne | September 17, 2020
In this personal account of launching lean at Danaher, Art Byrne shares a wealth of insights into how to seed an enduring lean culture and business system. More »
When the Toyota Way Meets Industry 4.0
By: Jeffrey Liker | August 24, 2020
Industry 4.  0 is not a disruptive force that makes TPS irrelevant, but rather can be an enabler that builds on TPS culture and thinking, argues Jeff Liker--a way of viewing technology that is a core principle of productive lean thinking. More »
Beyond 'Linear' Intelligence: Learning Lean Through Shared Experiments and Improvements
By: Masia Goodman | August 10, 2020
Learning entails far more than a linear set of directions from one person to another, argues LEI's Masia Goodman, who presents ways that the upcoming Virtual Lean Learning Experience (VLX) seeks to incorporate lean ways of learning. More »
How the A3 Process Developed to Help Build Better Managers
By: John Shook and Isao Yoshino | August 6, 2020
One of the hallmarks of a successfully executed A3 process is that it is a collaborative activity--a learning process for everyone involved: for learner and teacher, senpai and kohai, sensei and deshi, say authors Isao Yoshino and John Shook. Here's the first of two articles tracing the development of A3 thinking at Toyota. More »
Making Your Work Work in the First 90 Days
By: Andrew Quibell | July 28, 2020
In your first 90 days as a lean leader, what path will you take to support transformation? Andrew Quibell details the elements of both a tactical approach as well as a strategic one. More »
Exploring the Technical and Nontechnical Challenges of Being a Chief Engineer, a Candid Conversation with Two CEs (Part 2)
By: Chet Marchwinski | June 8, 2020
Chief engineers typically have strong technical skills to effectively lead and manage the work of engineers, designers, and other developers. But perhaps their greatest talent needs to be nontechnical, an observation that emerged in this interview with two chief engineers from TechnipFMC, conducted by LEI Communications Director Chet Marchwinski at last year’s Designing the Future Summit. More »
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