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Practicing Lean Fundamentals in an Office Environment
By: Locher, Drew | January 24, 2013
Applying lean principles in service organizations and administrative processes within manufacturing companies often confounds companies. Lean faculty member and author Drew Locher offers four key steps to focus on for success. More »
Frontiers and Fundamentals
By: John Shook | November 16, 2010
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Thank you to the over 350 of you who replied to my letter of last month by sending in suggestions for a Learning Session at the 2011 Lean Transformation Summit.   I've spent some time reading your suggestions, in addition to hundreds of emails over the past couple of months, as well as your responses to LEI's annual Community survey… More »
Forward to Fundamentals Redux – Kaizen Express
By: Shook, John | May 5, 2009
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Thanks to those of you who joined last week’s webinar. We had some great questions, only a few of which we dealt with during the limited webinar time. One specific request I’ve received is that I spend more time introducing the new LEI book Kaizen Express. If Kaizen Express is intended as an aid in the “forward to fundamentals” movement, just what kinds of things does it hold in store? More »
Forward to Fundamentals
By: Shook, John | April 22, 2009
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John Shook talks about the importance of lean fundamentals More »
Lean Fundamentals for Sales Organizations
This workshop is an expansion of lean concepts and tools for Sales practitioners, as well as the organizational leadership responsible for creating and implementing strategies. By discussing real problems and how to apply new concepts, participants will become better prepared to assess when, where, and how to leverage learning and problem solving techniques in their own specific circumstances. More »
Practicing Lean Fundamentals in an Office Environment
Description: This two-day workshop has been designed for individuals and teams who work in office and service environments that want to gain a better understanding of the philosophy, thinking and acting within a Lean Enterprise and how it might benefit their customers, organizations, and staffs. It will demonstrate the overall approach for implementing a lean transformation including both work and management processes in your organization. More »
Ask Art: Why Should I Convert to a Pull System?
By: Art Byrne | July 21, 2021
Deliver more value to your customers by converting your business to a pull system and connecting demand directly to your production system, advises Art Byrne. More »
Ask Art: What Do You Look At in a "Pre-lean" Company?
By: Art Byrne | June 23, 2021
Art Byrne identifies factors such as excess inventory and floor space, long turnaround times, and numerous other elements to study when considering the long-term value of "pre-lean" companies. More »
The Toyota Way of Dantotsu Radical Quality Improvement (Paperback)
By: Sadao Nomura | June 11, 2021
"A story of remarkable quality improvement inside the world's best quality manufacturer" -  John ShookIn Japanese, "dantotsu" means "extreme," "radical," or "unparalleled.  " In this book, Toyota veteran Sadao Nomura shares his decades of experience leading and supporting Toyota operations and tells the story of the dramatic improvement he and his team achieved at Toyota Logistics & Forklift (TL&F).    Although TL&F seemed to be performing well, insiders knew that, as the founding company of the Toyota group, it needed to do better, especially in the quality performance of its global subsidiary operations. But improvement would not be easy in a company that already prided More »
The Toyota Way of Dantotsu Radical Quality Improvement (Hardcover)
By: Sadao Nomura | June 11, 2021
People, Invention, and Radically Great Quality More »
Multiply the Improvers in Your Organization Every Day
By: Andrew Quibell | May 11, 2021
Be prepared to commit the time, patience and tenacity to unleash the power of improvement your organization, says Andrew Quibell. He illustrates how to actively engage all your people. More »
10 Principles for Lean Leadership
By: Isao Yoshino | April 6, 2021
These ten simple yet powerful leadership principles developed by Isao Yoshino provide wise guidance for any lean practitioner seeking a path of learning and improvement. More »
How Stalwart Lean Leadership and Classic Lean Practices Yield Operational and Clinical Excellence
By: Alice Lee | March 30, 2021
Organizations can achieve the seemingly impossible when they have steadfast lean leadership, a sharp focus on purpose, and experience applying "classic" lean thinking and practice. Here's an example. More »
Use Jidoka to Avoid Death by 1000 Cuts
By: Andrew Quibell | February 3, 2021
"I’ve learned from experience the need for tech teams to adopt jidoka as a basic design consideration: getting it 100% right the first time with an effective feedback loop system of warning and correction capabilities," writes lean thinker Andrew Quibell. More »
Two Giants, Two Communities, One Lasting Thing
By: John Shook | February 1, 2021
In this graceful elegy of the impact of two pioneers who recently passed away, John Shook says: "Ezra and Norm belonged to adjacent communities – one studied Japan, the other promoted enterprise improvement.  Ezra and the many proponents of the Japanese management boom set the table; Norm and his peers opened doors to achieving practical betterment.  " More »
Diving Deeper into the Toyota Way: A Podcast with Jeff Liker
By: Lean Leaper | January 25, 2021
Professor Jeff Liker discusses the new, second edition of his classic book The Toyota Way on WLEI, the LEI podcast. More »
Planning the Purposeful Turnaround
By: Josh Howell | January 19, 2021
The capability to repurpose, and then to redesign and retool, is critically important in these challenging times, says Josh Howell, who adds: I hope you have enough cash and the built-in capability to learn what’s needed for a successful turnaround. More »
Lean-n-Food: Reimagining an Industry in Crisis
By: Karen Gaudet and Josh Howell | December 15, 2020
What is a restaurant in the post-pandemic world? LEI's Karen Gaudet and Josh Howell are exploring this and other questions with an international group of industry leaders who are lean practitioners. Here they frame the current problem, and share the work of their team in tackling the daunting challenges. More »
"I am the Violin," or, Mastery through Doing
By: Orest (Orry) Fiume | December 2, 2020
Developing lean vision, lean mastery, is hard work says Orry Fiume, who compare this learning journey to a childhood prodigy who explained her young talent by saying "I am the violin.  " More »
CRIISSP: The Lean Route to a Superior Stock Market Valuation
By: Cliff Ransom | December 1, 2020
Long-term lean thinker and investment guru Cliff Ransom shares a seven-letter acronym, CRIISSP, to help identify the key (and most valued) qualities of superior lean companies over time. More »
Why We Believe Micromanagement is Worth A Deeper Conversation
By: Lean Sensei Women | November 24, 2020
The Lean Sensei Women explore how poorly-focused micromanagement destroys trust--while well-placed micromanagement supports Lean fundamentals and delivers exceptional results. More »
Lean WX – An Rx for Making Things Better
By: Josh Howell | November 17, 2020
As someone whose understanding of lean/TPS grew exponentially by working on the line, Josh Howell encourages every would-be lean enterprise out there, even those who have “only” created a model line, to try this approach to capability development. More »
Art of Lean on Work & Waste, Part 3: Excess Inventory
By: Art Smalley | October 23, 2020
Take a closer look at the various types of inventory, with an eye toward identifying waste, with your guide, Art Smalley, president, Art of Lean, Incorporated. More »
Never Fail...To Create the Conditions for People to be Successful
By: Katie Anderson | October 13, 2020
In this excerpt from Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, Katie Anderson shares the story of how Isao Yoshino learned first-hand the value that Toyota places in learning from failure--from humbly framing unexpected outcomes as opportunities to learn. More »
How Can Lean Fit Into Industry 4.0?
By: Andrew Quibell | October 6, 2020
Lean thinkers should never become slaves to technology, says Andrew Quibell, who sketches out ways to reflect on how lean can support and enable the coming Industry 4.  0. More »
Becoming the Change: Talking Healthcare Transformation with Kim Barnas and John Toussaint on the WLEI Podcast
By: Lean Leaper | September 28, 2020
In this WLEI podcast, Becoming the Change authors Kim Barnas and John Toussaint discuss the personal challenges facing healthcare leaders who are committed to the tough work of lean transformation. More »
Ask Art: Why Implement Lean During A Pandemic?
By: Art Byrne | August 19, 2020
Implementing lean during this pandemic will allow many more companies to emerge from this economic crisis in far better shape than they were in before, says Art Byrne. In fact they will emerge much stronger than if they just tried to ride it out by making small changes to their existing batch approach. More »
How A Complete Lean Production System Fuels Global Success
By: James P. Womack | July 22, 2020
In this article prepared for the 2007 relaunch of the seminal book The Machine that Changed the World, co-author Jim Womack correctly forecast Toyota's rise, and identifes the key elements of a dynamic lean production system. More »
Ask Art: Why Do Most Companies Think Of Lean as Just a Cost Reduction Program?
By: Art Byrne | July 15, 2020
We shouldn’t be surprised at all that most companies approach lean as a cost reduction program, when it really is better understood as a time-based growth strategy, says Art Byrne, who points out the strategic benefits that accrue to companies practicing lean completely. More »
Why We Believe Tough Times and Opportunity Go Hand in Hand
By: Lean Sensei Women | July 1, 2020
In this detailed set of suggestions for managing the current challenges posed by Covid-19, Rose Heathcote and the Lean Sensei Women focus on leveraging assets in these cash-strapped times: "How we handle the crisis is a defining moment. How we prepare for life after the crisis is vital.  " More »
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