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When a Passion for Caring Becomes a Commitment to Process Improvement: Judy Worth and Karl Ohaus on Lean Thinking for Healthcare Organizations
By: Schroeder, Lex | April 3, 2013
LEI interviews lean practitioners and co-authors of Perfecting Patient Journeys Judy Worth and Karl Ohaus about the potential for lean thinking in healthcare, the value of lean process improvement in relief and recovery situations, and the difference between applying lean concepts in healthcare versus manufacturing. More »
Lean management case study series: Pediatric Hospital in Tough Market Pegs Growth to Lean Process Improvement
By: Vinas, Tonya | June 2, 2011
Case Studies
Lean improvement projects at Akron Children’s Hospital have saved millions of dollars, increased utilization of expensive assets, and reduced wait times for patients and their families. While these gains are important, the learning and commitment that each project builds internally are crucial elements of the hospital’s drive to make continuous improvement not just a program but the overarching strategic imperative for the entire organization.  Read an interview with hospital board member Bill Hopkins from LEI's lean leadership series.  See all the executive interviews in the series. More »
10 Golden Rules for Radical Quality Improvement
By: Patricia Panchak and Roberto Priolo | July 19, 2021
What you need to know and do to lead your team to make step-change improvements to quality. More »
Bringing Together People and Invention to Achieve Radically Great Quality
By: Toshiko Narusawa and John Shook | July 1, 2021
The latest book published by the Lean Global Network details the principles and practices that will help you radically improve quality. More »
Purpose, Process, People
By: James P. Womack | June 7, 2021
When evaluating your lean efforts, Jim Womack suggests that you examine your purpose first of all, and then your process and then your people. More »
Are You Making Good Products…by Making Good People?
By: Lean Leaper | June 4, 2021
The best way to hone your employees' technical skills and problem-solving chops is to challenge them to make the right products in the right way for the right customers, asserts Michael Ballé in this snippet from an LEI Book Club Webinar. More »
Are You Creating the Right Environment?
By: Josh Howell | June 1, 2021
Turner Construction is working hard to develop the "right environment" in which productive lean inquiry is baked into the working space of each situation their team is facing, writes Josh Howell. More »
What are the Three A's of the A3?
By: John Shook and Lisa Yerian, M.D. | April 23, 2021
John Shook explains the three A's of the A3 in this video clip from the presentation that he and Lisa Yerian, chief improvement officer at Cleveland Clinic, delivered at LEI's Virtual Learning Experience. More »
Who, or What, Is Your Company Investing In?
By: Josh Howell | April 20, 2021
After reviewing the stellar work by a frontline supervisor who improved the problem of rotisserie chicken running out of stock, Josh Howell asked: will technology work for your people, or the other way around? More »
How the Study Phase Helps You Create More Value for Your Customers and Less Drama for Your Development Teams
By: John Drogosz | April 15, 2021
A product development team volunteered to pilot applying lean product and process development principles -- and discovered how critical "understanding before you execute" is to a project's success. More »
3 Lessons Maersk Learned from Adopting Hoshin Kanri
By: Agne Nainyte | March 23, 2021
Deploying hoshin kanri at Maersk was challenging, recounts Agne Nainyte, who shares the details of this work that helped the organization shift from firefighting to preventative strategic planning. More »
Are You Ready for the Next Crisis?
By: John Shook and Lisa Yerian, M.D. | March 2, 2021
We think the presence of a robust, socio-technically balanced lean management and operating system—based on the Lean Transformation Framework—was invaluable in helping Cleveland Clinic handle the challenges arising from the pandemic, write John Shook and Lisa Yerian. More »
How to Optimize the Use of Staff Skills and Time by Making Capacity Visible: An Example from Accounting
By: Mike De Luca | December 17, 2020
Learn how a Finance and Accounting team used lean thinking to make capacity visible, which, in turn, helped it better manage workload and deliverables, reduce individual work overburden, and improve the team’s ability to fully use their skills. More »
Lean Product & Process Development Guiding Principles At-A-Glance
By: Jim Morgan | November 10, 2020
An infographic summarizes the six guiding principles of lean product and process development. More »
Art of Lean on Work & Waste, Part 3: Excess Inventory
By: Art Smalley | October 23, 2020
Take a closer look at the various types of inventory, with an eye toward identifying waste, with your guide, Art Smalley, president, Art of Lean, Incorporated. More »
Boosting Organizational Resilience Through Jidoka
By: Tom Ehrenfeld | October 5, 2020
Jidoka enables operators to build in quality into the production process--and forms a foundation of stability helping a company respond to crisis with resilience. This roundup shares resources explaining jidoka and helping you get started with it. More »
Changing the Way New Value is Created with Lean Product and Process Development
By: Lean Leaper | September 25, 2020
Learn the six guiding principles of LPPD and why they are critical to successful new product, process, and service development. More »
The Art of Lean: Use These Tools to Help You Improve a Process, Part 2
By: Art Smalley | September 4, 2020
Take a closer look into this four-step approach that will help you "pinpoint the tricky parts" of a process as you work to improve it, says Art Smalley, president of Art of Lean, Inc. More »
Dueling Methods: 8D and A3
By: David Verble | August 20, 2020
One of the scores of questions sent in by attendees at our recent webinar on the A3 problem-solving process was what's the difference between it and the 8Ds. Webinar presenter and continuous improvement coach David Verble explains. More »
How to Develop Healthy Habits for Mindful Coaching
By: Lean Leaper | August 17, 2020
Powerful lean coaches help others create productive habits that over time produce a type of "muscle memory" that forms a foundation for long-term growth and learning. This roundup of articles expanding on this subject ties into the forthcoming Virtual Lean Learning Experience. More »
A Radical Redesign of Making Crudito -- and All Restaurant Kitchens
By: Matthew Savas | August 14, 2020
Using animations of a few basic continuous improvement tools, Matt Savas, a team leader at the Lean Enterprise Institute and a fervent foodie, offers a sweeping alternative way of running a restaurant kitchen for better safety and profitability. More »
Making Your Work Work in the First 90 Days
By: Andrew Quibell | July 28, 2020
In your first 90 days as a lean leader, what path will you take to support transformation? Andrew Quibell details the elements of both a tactical approach as well as a strategic one. More »
Quick and Practical Tips for Effective Virtual Process Mapping
By: John Drogosz and Chet Marchwinski | July 24, 2020
In the wake of new lockdowns to halt the spread of the coronavirus, companies need ways for home-based team members and coaches to collaborate online to improve processes. So, in a recent webinar for product developers in the Lean Product and Process Development group, Coach John Drogosz demonstrated practical tips that you can use now for virtually mapping a process when the facilitator and team members are all working remotely. More »
The Healing Power of Lean Product and Process Development in Healthcare
By: Chet Marchwinski and Paul Paliani | July 17, 2020
Can Lean Product and Process Development or LPPD, which evolved in the automotive industry, work in healthcare? Paul Paliani, who worked for almost 20 years as an automotive engineer and now leads a healthcare innovation team, offers insights and results. More »
Ask Art: Why Does Setup Time Reduction Matter So Much?
By: Art Byrne | June 17, 2020
Setup reduction is a necessary step to go from traditional management to lean--or said another way, from batch to flow and from push to pull. According to Art Byrne, reducing this time may sound like some “manufacturing thing” but is in fact one of the most strategic things you can do. More »
Addressing Production Challenges that Arise from the Pandemic
By: John Shook | April 30, 2020
How two companies with deep lean experience – General Electric Appliances (GEA) and Herman Miller – have responded quickly and with great agility to the frontline challenges presented by the pandemic. More »
Nine Lessons from Steady Work
By: Karen Gaudet | April 27, 2020
In her book Steady Work, Karen Gaudet discusses nine key lessons for practicing lean. Here she discusses these key principles. More »
The Post COVID Crisis Supply Chain: a Time to Rise (Part 2)
By: Robert Martichenko | April 20, 2020
In a two-part call to action, LeanCor Supply Chain Group CEO Robert Martichenko says that now is the time for public and private sector leaders to develop a post-pandemic supply chain, a “one team-one system” fulfillment stream for producing and delivering lifesaving supplies to the right places, in the right quantities, at the right times. More »
Ask Art: What Do You Focus on When Assessing the Potential Gains From Converting to Lean?
By: Art Byrne | April 16, 2020
Lean veteran Art Byrne shares the key areas to look at for gains to be realized from lean: focus on sales growth as the result of shorter lead times (lean is a time-based growth strategy), margin growth, inventory turns, doubling sales per employee and freeing up 50% or so of your floor space. More »
Why You Need a Product Focus for Enterprise Transformation
By: Jim Morgan | March 16, 2020
Lean Product and Process Development serves as an enterprise activity that can engage the entire organization and improve operations and growth, says Jim Morgan. Listen to his keynote address for insights into how. More »
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