Designing the Future/Lean Product & Process Development, 2 edition book set

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Topics: Product & Process Development

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Designing the Future

Today’s elite companies know that the ability to consistently create successful new products and services is their most powerful competitive advantage. In addition to providing a robust new development framework, Designing the Future shares real-world examples from a diverse set of industries including aerospace, energy, software, automotive, healthcare, heavy equipment, and more.

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Lean Product and Process Development, 2nd Edition

In the truly groundbreaking first edition of Lean Product and Process Development, Allen Ward showed the way. He delivered—with passion and penetrating insights that cannot be found elsewhere—a comprehensive view of lean principles for developing and sustaining product and process development.

In this second edition, Durward Sobek, professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Montana State University—and one of Ward’s premier students—edits and reorganizes the original text to make it more accessible and actionable.

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