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Creating a Lean Learning Organization

Cambridge, Mass., Dec.2, 2009 -- Lean tools are important, but they can't deliver sustainable results — and often can't achieve any results — unless they are applied with a lean state of mind in an environment that supports problem solving through experimentation by means of Plan-Do-Check-Act.

Creating this kind of organization — a learning organization — that develops leaders as teachers and everyone as problem solvers is the focus of workshops sponsored by the Lean Enterprise Institute in Miami on February 2-4, 2010.

Three of the workshops will focus specifically on how leaders in healthcare organizations can apply lean concepts. Here is a summary of all the workshops, running from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Miami:

Tues., Feb. 2

- Developing People with Capability for Lean (1 day)

- New! Key Concepts of Lean in Healthcare (2 days)

- Lean Problem Solving (1 day)

- New! Mistake-Proofing Healthcare: Designing Processes to Reduce Medical Errors (1 day)

- Value-Stream Mapping for the Office and Service (1 day)

Wed., Feb. 3

- Coaching Skills for Lean Implementation Leaders (1 day)

- Getting the Right Things Done (2 days)

- Managing to Learn: The Use of the A3 Management Process (2 days)

- Managing Value-Stream Improvement Projects (2 days)

Thurs., Feb. 4

- Value-Stream Mapping for Healthcare (1 day)

For complete details about content, instructors, discounts, special room rates, and to register go to: https://www.lean.org/workshops/workshopcalendar.cfm?cureventid=45, call (617) 871-2900, or email registrar@lean.org.

One-day workshops are $800. Two-day workshops are $1,600. Price includes tuition, training materials, breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Discounts are available for taking multiple classes.

On-Site Training

Call (617) 871-2900 for information about bringing a workshop to your site.

What is Lean?

The terms lean manufacturing, lean production, or lean management refer to a complete business system for organizing and managing product development, operations, suppliers, customer relations, and the overall enterprise that requires less capital, material, space, time, or human effort to produce products and services with fewer defects to precise customer desires, compared with traditional modern management.

Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc., was founded in 1997 by management expert James P. Womack, Ph.D., as a nonprofit research, education, publishing, and conference company with a mission to advance lean thinking around the world. We teach courses, hold management seminars, write and publish books and workbooks, and organize public and private conferences. We use the surplus revenues from these activities to conduct research projects and support other lean initiatives such as the Lean Education Academic Network, the Lean Global Network and the Healthcare Value Leaders Network. Visit LEI at https://www.lean.org for more information.

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