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Joe Murli

Joe Murli

CEO, The Murli Group
Joe has developed the knowledge of lean concepts and principles over the past 18 years while he held senior leadership positions in domestic and international settings. Through extensive coaching by retired executives from Toyota Motor Company in the early 90’s, Joe developed an aptitude for maximizing product velocity and managing operations through simple visual means. This knowledge was further applied as Joe became General Manager of Chengdu Aerotech, China’s first aviation industry joint venture, and was able to integrate the elements of strategy deployment, organizational development, facility design and Lean into one cohesive business management approach. As Director of North American Operations for Ensign Bickford, he led the Company to win the Shingo Prize for operational excellence. He effectively utilized his knowledge of lean manufacturing to help Sterling Collision Centers grow from a startup to a company with 50 locations nationally (now part of Allstate Insurance Company). As Vice President of Manufacturing for the Kamatics division of Kaman Corporation, he restructured operations to double on-time delivery performance while reducing lead times by 88% for 2/3 of products. Since 2003 The Murli Group LLC has been helping clients achieve superior operating gains through the transformation process of Lean Management Systems. Joe has undergraduate degrees in Manufacturing Engineering and Accounting from the State University of New York, and Post University respectively. Additionally, he holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut.
Articles by Joe Murli
Human Resources and Lean; It Really Is About People
Despite an expert’s exhortations to “do more kaizen, develop kaizen mind” this lean transformation failed. Find out why from someone who saw it happen and the lessons he never forgot. More »
The Lean Management System: The Key to Sustainability and CI. An Interview with Joe Murli
Achieving wins is only half the battle in a lean transformation - you also need a way to sustain those wins and foster a culture of continuous improvement. In his first piece for the Lean Post, Joe Murli shares his favorite way of doing just that - his signature "Lean Management System," already being used by the likes of GE and Moog Aircraft Group. Read more. More »
Workshops Taught by Joe Murli
Integrating Visual Management This workshop introduces the tools and practices of visual management as one of the components of the Lean Management System and shows how they need to be used to effectively support the daily routine of lean leaders. More »
Integrating Visual Management Tools and Leader Standard Work This course deals with designing and executing an implementation plan to migrate your company from one of “gather data, synthesize, meet, and react” to one of “see waste, manage exceptions, and improve processes”.     It will show you how to tie together the tools of Policy Deployment, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management, and Management Standard Work. The emphasis of the course is on the development of visual management tools and incorporating them into management standard work. More »
Key Concepts of Lean Designed for individuals and teams that want to gain a better understanding of the components and underlying philosophy of lean, based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), and how the elements and philosophy work together to create a Lean Enterprise. More »
Leader Standard Work There is lots of information out there on how to improve processes in industrial, office, and healthcare settings, but very little practical information on how to manage new processes as they are put into place. This workshop will help you learn how to review your existing management systems, supplant them with more effective lean methods and practices, and become more effective at creating a sustainable lean culture moving forward. More »
Lean Leadership: Through the Transformation and Beyond The purpose of this interactive one-day program is to facilitate a discussion with senior leaders about the challenges and obstacles they face implementing change relative to the lean transformation. The program will further address the roles, responsibilities and competencies of senior leaders that support the implementation of lean. More »
Lean Management System This one-day course is an overview of the elements that comprise the Lean Management System and an examination of how they work together to create a system of continuous improvement through collaborative problem solving. More »
Online Webcast Key Concepts of Lean This comprehensive program will show you how to build a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative problem solving by aligning Purpose, Process, People, and regularly practicing the scientific method of PDCA. More »
People Systems: A Component of the Lean Management System This two day course is a critical examination of the policies, practices, and systems that incent the work force to behave in a predictable manner consistent with desired outcomes. It also deals with methods of realigning those incentives to encourage the behaviors we seek in a Lean thinking organization. More »
Supporting Healthcare Leader Standard Work with Visual Management Tools If you are involved in Lean healthcare, in any capacity, you have probably heard about Gemba Walks and Visual Management. By combining Visual Management and Leader Standard Work, you harness the power of your organization seeing waste in real time and coming up with creative ways to eliminate it, improve patient care, and make the job of providing health care easier for everyone. This course will show you the basic tools necessary to reach those goals. This workshop has application in areas including: • Primary care • Pediatrics • Family practice • Optometry • Chiropractics & Alternative healthcare • Emergency More »