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Lory Moniz

Lory Moniz

Graphic Artist/Web Manager, Lean Enterprise Institute

Lory Moniz is a relative newcomer to Lean despite her remarkable ability to think and communicate visually, which she's noticed has propelled her career. In 2012, Lory joined LEI as a graphic designer and project manager, quickly improving lean.org and LEI’s visuals. Prior to joining LEI, Lory worked in graphic design in corporate identity, retail, and business to business advertising.

Articles by Lory Moniz
I Got 99 Problems and This Is How I'll Tackle Type One
After an unintentional sending a mass email with an error from LEI, Lory Moniz reflects on the source of the defect and commits to a way of preventing this from recurring; and commits to applying the subject of the letter (ways of tackling problems) to the approach by her team. More »
Accidental Soccer Coach
When she's not working on graphic design projects, LEI's own Lory Moniz now coaches her son's soccer team. The assignment got her thinking about continuous improvement and "leading without authority.  " More »
Game On! Maybe Lean Can Be Fun
Lean is counterintuitive for most of us, and learning a new way of working at all is just challenging, no matter what. What do we do? LEI graphic designer Lory Moniz suggests playing more games if we want to get serious about lean learning. More »