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Online Webcast Key Concepts of Lean

This workshop is right for you if you are new to lean and want to:

  • Understand why lean is fundamentally different from and superior to business models based on mass production;
  • Understand how lean tools and principles work together to allow your organization to increase competitiveness by continuously improving quality, lowering cost, and shrinking lead time, while utilizing fewer resources;
  • Gain insight into the lean management philosophy and methods as well as the organizational structure required for implementing lean in your organization...

… but don't have time and/or budget to travel



This comprehensive program will show you how to build a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative problem solving by aligning Purpose, Process, People, and regularly practicing the scientific method of PDCA.

 The program consists of four 2-hour modules conducted over a 2-week period. Each module is delivered in real time, led by an instructor, and contains a lecture and a slide presentation, videos, and time for Q&A.

At the end of each module, you will receive an assignment to help you practice what you have learned and develop skills and behaviors required to support a culture of continuous improvement.

Every module will be recorded so in case you are unable to participate in the class live, you can always access it at a later time.


Course Outline:

Focusing on three key areas – People, Process and Purpose – this program explains how this organizational alignment creates the foundation for a lean enterprise.

In this segment you will learn how all functions, individuals, and systems work together to deliver true value to customers while also creating a long-term competitive advantage and lasting business results. Topics include:

  • Key values of lean
  • True North and the Line of Sight to the organizational goals

Hoshin Planning/Policy Deployment - a management system to communicate strategic objectives and achieve vertical and horizontal alignment to support the strategy. Challenges organizations face in implementing a lean transformation and methods to deal with those challenges

In order to get real sustainable results in safety, quality, cost, delivery, and morale, lean leaders and change agents must use lean tools as a part of a larger lean management system. Topics include:

  • Stability, flow, leveling, pull, standard work
  • Waste, types of waste and continuous removal of waste
  • Value-streams and value-stream mapping as a continuous improvement tool
  • Visual enterprise and how to manage visual systems

At heart, lean is a people-based system, and the success of any lean transformation depends on the engagement of every employee in the process for continuous business improvement. All employees must be willing and able to solve increasingly complex problems. In the course of this program, we will discuss selection, training, involvement, and supervisory practices that create the foundation for lean. We will also discuss leadership mindsets and behaviors that support the development of the culture of continuous improvement.

PDCA (plan, do, check, act)

  • PDCA as a discipline that holds all organizational processes together and improves them on a continuous basis
  • The work of management to support PDCA
  • Structured collaborative problem solving to close organizational gaps
  • A3 as a problem solving, management, and communication tool
  • How to create a lean management system
  • The role of leaders in building and sustain a lean organization

Who Should Attend:
Individuals or teams with little to moderate experience and exposure to lean who are looking to increase their understanding; managers who want an understanding of the total scope of leading and implementing lean.

How This Workshop is Conducted:
In this experiment with online education we will be conducting this course in four 2-hour sessions. The instructor will be streamed live to your computer via WebEx. There will be small assignments between each session and you can ask questions at any time.

Workshop Suggestion:
To maximize your learning experience we recommend that prior to attending this program you take following workshop or have a good understanding of the concepts presented within it.
Suggested Reading for this Workshop:
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Price: $500.00

Access to this online workshop can be purchased individually or in blocks. Individual student access and blocks of up to 20 students are $500.00 per student.

Larger access blocks are available at discounted prices.

21 - 49 students: $400.00/student
50+ please call 617-871-2900

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