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White Paper: Strategy Deployment

ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value

A new whitepaper from the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value tells the story of the "strategy deployment" management method at three healthcare organizations: ThedaCare, Group Health, and St. Boniface Hospital. All three are members of the Healthcare Value Leaders Network.

Strategy deployment is also the focus of a new DVD titled "Thinking Lean at ThedaCare: Strategy Deployment."

From the paper:

Strategy deployment is a management process that helps executives to focus and align their organizations around the most important goals. Goals and plans are cascaded down and up in an organization — senior leadership to middle management to frontline staff and back up — for repeated review, input, actions, and revisions. Senior leadership may initially point to priorities that support a vision or mission (True North), but the rest of the organization collaboratively translates those goals into specific plans, targets, and actions. And unlike traditional planning, it’s not an annual exercise but an iterative approach for transformation and continuous improvement.

“Strategy deployment is forcing a continuous improvement look at the world, whereas the traditional way is just a batch, which is a project,” says Dr. John Toussaint, founder and CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value. “Strategy deployment really allows you to think about your work from the perspective of PDSA[1] cycles.”

[1] PDSA (plan-do-study-act/adjust).