Mapping to See: Value-Stream Improvement Workshop


Mapping to See: Value-Stream Improvement for the Office and Services is a complete training solution created by some of the most seasoned veterans working in lean today. The value stream improvement process and tools are designed to bring a proven approach to office and service environments in companies of all sizes.


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Mapping to See: Value-Stream Improvement for the Office and Services is a complete training solution, designed to teach proven VSI methods to office and service environments in companies of all sizes. The kit is based on the value stream improvement project experience of some of the most seasoned veterans working in lean today. The process and tools they share have been developed over hundreds of projects in virtually every type of industry.

The Mapping to See kit is based on the same easy-to-use format as our successful Training To See kit, and provides even more help for both the new and experienced trainer/facilitator. The kit includes everything you need to:

  • Select and scope a value-stream improvement (VSI) project that really matters to the business.
  • Conduct a training workshop for all of the key people in the VSI project that produces a current-state map that clearly identifies problems in your process flow, a vision of the future state that is reviewed by leadership, and a detailed action plan with a management commitment to support the recommended value stream changes.
  • Produce a 60- to 90-day implementation plan that creates meaningful and sustained business results.

The MTS kit helps you to train people in all parts of a VSI project, including VSM and more. The kit is based on the principle that VSM makes the greatest impact when it helps real people dramatically improve real value streams that have a real impact on the heart of their business.

The MTS kit gives you an efficient way to properly train your people to conduct VSI projects in any part of your business. For the purchase price of $500 you receive everything you need to train up to 20 people. (By purchasing additional Participant Guides you can deliver consistent VSI project training to all levels of your organization.)


The Mapping to See Kit includes:

Facilitator Guide – everything you need to plan and deliver the training necessary to execute a Value Stream Improvement (VSI) project. The guide includes:

  • Recommended session designs that have been tested and proven in hundreds of project situations and functional areas
  • Step-by-step training delivery instructions that tell you what to show, do, and say
  • Key learning points for every visual and exercise
  • Slides for every concept and step in a VSI project, designed in LEI’s award-winning, engaging style
  • Optional scripted comments that may be particularly helpful when you deliver the materials for the first time
  • Optional visuals for customized presentations to accommodate different project situations and audiences
  • In-depth VSI project/VSM content for further reading

Presentation Materials CD– includes all of the slides used in every phase of the project and workshop, divided into five decks:

  • Project Preparation
  • Module 1: Current-State Mapping
  • Module 2: Future-State Mapping
  • Module 3: Implementation Planning
  • Project Preparation
  • Deep Dive Resource Visuals
  • Within each section are working Word and Excel templates of every form, worksheet, and table

Participant Guides– Includes all of the slides, handouts, and worksheets used in the VSM workshop (172 pages). Additional Participant Guides can be purchased separately.

Mapping to See Process Overview DVD– A 20-minute DVD, with Jim Womack, Founder and Chairman of LEI, and Guy Parsons of the Mapping to See development team. It provides a visual overview of the entire VSI process with invaluable facilitator amd team tips. It shows the entire process played out, while giving a very clear description of the expected outcomes of every major step along the way. It demystifies both the process and a facilitator’s critical role in it. Great for workshop participants as well.

Kit Carrying Case– A generously sized and rugged carrying bag that holds the kit, with room for additional workshop supplies.


Publisher:Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.
Publication Date:April 09, 2007
Weight:45 lbs
Dimensions:16 × 17 × 11 in
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About Jim Luckman

Jim Luckman has had the unique experience of leading three separate lean transformations, as a Plant Manager, as a Director of a Research and Development Center, and as a CEO of a small start-up company. Jim is the Past President and CEO of iPower Technologies, a company serving the distributed generation market of electrical power. Luckman has worked in the auto industry for 34 years working at Delphi Automotive (formerly part of General Motors). Jim current efforts include leadership coaching, application of lean in R&D and application of lean to software development. He currently coaches companies interested in company-wide lean transformation. Jim is a partner in Lean Transformations Group, LLC.


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