Creating Continuous Flow / Making Materials Flow Set

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Buy the two workbooks on flow together and save 15%. Continuous flow cells need a lean material-handling system to supply them with purchased parts. The concepts, formulas, and finer points of how to implement and link these two important tools are all in this special set. Creating Continuous Flow explains in detail how to implement truly continuous flow in cellularized operations. Making Materials Flow walks you through the next step by explaining the specifics of supplying purchased parts to cells in order to support continuous flow.

Topics: Operations

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Creating Continuous Flow

This workbook explains in simple, step-by-step terms how to introduce and sustain lean flows of material and information in pacemaker cells and lines, a prerequisite for achieving a lean value stream.

A sight we frequently encounter when touring plants is the relocation of processing steps from departments (process villages) to product-family work cells, but too often these "cells" produce only intermittent and erratic flow. Output gyrates from hour to hour and small piles of inventory accumulate between each operation so that few of the benefits of cellularization are actually being realized; and, if the cell is located upstream from the pacemaker process, none of the benefits may ever reach the customer.

This sequel to Learning to See (which focused on plant level operations) provides simple step-by-step instructions for eliminating waste and creating continuous flow at the process level.

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Making Materials Flow

Making Materials Flow describes in plain language another step in implementing a complete lean business system by explaining how to supply purchased parts to the value stream in order to support continuous flow.

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