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The Lean Dentist

In the newly updated, second edition of his book, Follow the Learner: The Lean Dentist, Dr. Sami Bahri describes how he and the staff in his dental practice transformed their work and their thinking from a traditional batch-and-queue approach to one focused directly on the needs of the patient..

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About the Author

Sami Bahri, DDS
Dr. Bahri runs a private dental practice in Jacksonville, Florida that he started in 1990 after years working in the teaching, administrative, and private practice fields. Eager to learn from other industries how to manage resources to satisfy customers, he started searching outside dentistry, and ended up studying and trying Total Quality Management and Six Sigma, among other systems.

In 1996, Dr. Bahri read Lean Thinking by James Womack and Daniel Jones, and started implementing lean management principles in his dental office. He successfully reorganized his work and practice around the goal of "one-patient flow."  

Training Kits
The Gold Mine
Training to See Kit: A Value-Stream Mapping Workshop

Our Training To See kit has everything you need to run your own value-stream mapping workshops — except a comfortable pair of shoes for walking your value streams.

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Mapping to See Kit: Value-Stream Improvement Workshop for Office and Service Settings
The Lean Manager

The Mapping to See kit is based on the same easy-to-use format as our successful Training To See kit, and provides even more help for both the new and experienced trainer/facilitator.

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