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Lean Books Roundup
You Can't Manage a Secret
How did the obeya management system come to be at Toyota? How has it been refined since its beginning as a means of organizing research for the Toyota engineers developing the Prius? And how can we get the most out of our own obeyas? Jim Morgan answers these questions and more in his latest LPPD eletter. More »
"In January 2016 the Human Resources department at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) was restructured into a High-Impact Model," Brian Cole, Manager of UHMS's HR Solutions Center. "This was part of a larger effort to standardize appropriate work across UMHS." Read more for Brian's story of this fascinating project to improve the experience for all. More »
Do andons apply to software development?
Dear Gemba Coach, I work in software development, and I really don’t see how andon applies – what am I missing? More »
Thinking About Thinking
Don't believe everything you think. Practice scientific thinking and test your assumptions, because every step is an experiment! More »
Advice from the Gemba: The Most Frustrating…
If you've ever lost sleep over a particularly frustrating source of waste in your organization, you're not alone. Some forms of waste are easier to eliminate - others are so… More »
Many of us are familiar with the term "mindfulness," especially in the context of being aware of our surroundings. But there is much more to mindfulness than just that, from… More »
It's a curious fact that very few books about lean address the topic of finance. Questions about lean's financial benefits are often the first that leaders skeptical about… More »
Does a Lean Company Need Explicit or Implicit Leadership?
Dear Gemba Coach, Explicit leadership or implicit leadership? Does an explicit style sustain a lean organization? More »
Why We're Thankful For Lean
Why We're Thankful For Lean
Thanksgiving is a time of year when Americans take a day to step back and appreciate everything they have to be thankful for. Here at the Lean Enterprise Institute, we're thankful for lean and how it makes things better around the world, every single day. Here's why. More »
"In a previous sketch I introduced Toyota’s approach to visual management, or Floor Management Display Systems (FMDS), including the six elements of creating FMDS," writes Andrew Quibell. "Now it’s time for a deeper dive into those six elements and explore how their approach guarantees an effective floor display will present compelling messages." More »
Lean is difficult for many companies to grasp at first, often due to the cultural shift. If the organization's people are used to a more laid-back, "looser" style of operations, the standards, metrics and procedures associated with lean may seem overwhelming and lead to resistance. Pacific Surf School of San Diego, Cali. was no exception to this all-too-common resistance. Here's Sammy Obara on how he managed to break through this resistance and save the school from imminent closure. More »
When you think of environments for a lean transformation, does a bakery come to mind? Probably not, but growing pains-plagued Cafe365 of Barcelona was an ideal setting.… More »
Ask Art: What sets lean accounting apart…
"You can’t really become a lean enterprise without making the shift from traditional standard-cost accounting to lean (i.e. plain English) accounting," writes Art Byrne. Read… More »
Does lean have an ethical perspective other…
Dear Gemba Coach, As a follow-up to your previous column on the question of whether lean has a spiritual dimension, does lean have an ethical perspective other than… More »
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