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You Can't Know If You Don't Know
You Can't Know If You Don't Know
Recently LEI Chairman and CEO John Shook found an interesting blog by Dr. Helen Kales of the University of Michigan, musing on a powerful set of words that can mean everything in lean thinking. The set of words resonated with John too, and he now shares his thoughts on the value it holds in his latest piece for the Lean Post. More »
When experiments fail, it's natural for a leadership team to get nervous. But in the context of lean, they shouldn't be - it's just a matter of managing their expectations and helping them understand that a "failure" is actually a blessing in disguise. John Drogosz explains how to do this. More »
Does a lean transformation boost a company's stock price?
Dear Gemba Coach, You’ve worked with a lot of different companies in the public and private sectors. How have the stock prices of the public companies done? More »
Changing your people's mindsets is possibly the most difficult part of a lean transformation - but it gets easier when you have the right tools. Lean Post Editor Cam Ford saw such a tool in Matthew May's Winning the Brain Game: Fixing the 7 Fatal Flaws of Thinking, and now reflects on the invaluable lessons it holds for a lean audience. Can you also figure out the brainteaser in his article? More »
"Today it seems like you can’t throw a stick of butter without hitting someone who is “running a lean experiment” on one thing or another," writes Brent Wahba. The problem… More »
Resistance to change is a classic part of lean transformation, and it's not uncommon to see efforts to skirt around that resistance. Art Byrne was recently asked if… More »
What is leader standard work?
Dear Gemba Coach, Is there such thing as a leader standard work, and, if so, what is it? More »
"What Do I Need to Know?"
"What Do I Need to Know?"
"What do I need to know?" A simple, but powerful, question to ask at the gemba and beyond. Kelly Moore muses on how this question has helped her do her job better, and also shares a fun story of how she was recently reminded of the power of this question at - of all places - a bowling alley. More »
Advice from The Gemba #3: Basic Lean Tools with Huge Impacts
Advice from The Gemba #3: Basic Lean Tools with Huge Impacts
It's easy to get caught up in the hottest new lean trends, but it's important not to completely forget the fundamentals we first built our lean knowledge upon. Many of the most basic lean tools can have a deceptively large impact on your lean transformation goals. In the latest installment of the Advice from the Gemba series, three lean practitioners weight in with their favorite simple-but-powerful lean tools. More »
A3 Thinking Roundup
A3 Thinking Roundup
Following last week's immensely popular Posts on the origins of A3 thinking, LEI Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld compiles a collection of the very best reads on A3 thinking, from the Lean Post and beyond. More »
A Kata Classic
The research that led to the book Toyota Kata ran from 2004 - 2009. The objective was to gain a deeper understanding of how Toyota manages people in order to achieve continuous… More »
In this video, Adam Prime, president of Phase 2 Medical Device Manufacturing shares some insider info on his organization's lean journey to reach their aggressive… More »
Reflecting to Learn: Takeaways and…
In the wake of yesterday's interview with Mr. Isao Yoshino on the roots of the A3 process at Toyota, LEI Chairman and CEO John Shook shares more context about A3s and how… More »
A3 thinking is synonymous with Toyota. Yet many often wonder how exactly this happened. Even if we know A3 thinking was created at Toyota, how did it become so firmly… More »