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Twenty years ago Jim Womack and Dan Jones helped launch the lean movement as we know it today with their key book Lean Thinking. Yesterday we shared some thoughts on the book’s message; now we have the opportunity to ask the two authors to reflect on how lean thinking and lean practice have evolved since the book appeared. Please feel free to add your thoughts, comments, and questions over the next two days. More »
Lean Thinking: A Roundup
Lean Thinking: A Roundup
In honor of the 20th anniversary of the publishing of Lean Thinking, by Jim Womack and Dan Jones, Lean Post Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld presents a roundup of the book, its history and its impact on the lean community. More »
What are the elements of knowledge-based product development?
Dear Gemba Coach, What would be a knowledge-based approach to product development? More »
Innovation in the Work
Innovation in the Work
"Innovation is a popular – and important – concept," writes LEI Chairman and CEO John Shook. "So, here are three questions. What is it? What does lean thinking have to say about it? So what?" Check out John's responses, and don't forget to follow his link to a new animation on innovation and lean. More »
"As leaders, sometimes the things that we feel like we can more easily change are not the things that we need to change," writes Katie Anderson. A quote she heard at the… More »
Making Things Better - Engineering Isn't…
"Have you noticed a tendency at your company to automatically take Engineering's advice?" writes Gary Stewart of Fiat-Chrysler. "If you have, it’s time to do something about… More »
Ask Art: Is Lean Inward-Focused?
Art Byrne has been asked over and over if lean is inward-focused or customer-focused. There are aspects of lean that may suggest otherwise at a glance, but Art is firm in his… More »
Just as different types of tires are needed for different road conditions, different types of problem-solving are needed to tackle different problems. Watch this video to hear Art Smalley continue yesterday's video's discussion on problem solving and talk about his forthcoming book, "The Four Types of Problem-Solving." More »
Problem solving is at the core of any lean transformation. But both beginners and experts will tell you that it isn't easy to do it efficiently and effectively. In fact you might even end up making it harder than it has to be! In this exclusive interview, Art Smalley dishes on an all-too-common hurdle he sees people struggle with in their problem solving and shares his best tips for getting past it. More »
Anyone who's had to implement a suggestions system in their organization knows it's not an easy task, especially from a cultural aspect. Marius Gil may have just the tool to help - a fun illustration featuring eight common, suggestion-suppressing behaviors to watch out for. More »
Baby Steps for Behavior Change
Don't start with a 20-mile run! Effective change often begins with small tweaks to behavior, which build on one another and grow self-efficacy in the Learner. You can explain a… More »
3 Common Problems in Government that A3…
I’m always surprised at how little the public sector uses A3 thinking to tackle their toughest challenges. It’s the same thing every time – the government often tries to… More »
Why Yoda Was Wrong
Aspects of lean can be found almost anywhere - even in a galaxy far, far away. Inspired by a new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film "Rogue One," Aaron Hunt uses a lean… More »
Does respect for humanity mean the same as…
Dear Gemba coach,Does respect for humanity mean the same as respect for people? I hear that the literal translation of the Japanese phrase “respect for people” is… More »
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