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"Have you ever issued what you thought was an inspiring challenge for your team, only to discover they were underwhelmed and far from motivated?" asks Mike Orzen. If so, you may have missed one of the core practices of leading with respect - creating a meaningful challenge. Read more. More »
Just as lean is situational, A3s are situational too - companies like Goodyear have a variety of types of A3s that they use based on the specific challenge that is being faced. Four Goodyear insiders share more. More »
A strategy can just turn into wallpaper if you don't have the right systems in place to support it. Jim Morgan has seen this happen many times, and now explains how to avoid the problem, based on his experiences working with Alan Mulally at Ford Motor Company during the Great Recession. More »
Sustainability is a key part of any lean transformation - but Sunpower of San Jose, Cali. took that word a little further than just maintaining the momentum of small wins. The solar-energy device manufacturer wanted to bring its mission of saving the environment into its day-to-day operations. Hear more about their journey in this interview between LEI Communications Director Chet Marchwinski and Sunpower CEO Marty Neese and Director of Operations Ralph Robinett. More »
Making Things Better - Visual Value in…
Have you ever struggled to make "invisible work" visual for your leadership? Laura Shue of the University of Michigan Health System certainly has - two years ago she tackled… More »
Our new boss doesn’t 'get' lean; what can I…
Dear Gemba Coach, We’ve had spectacular lean results with our old boss, but our new boss doesn’t get it. He’s already cut his  gemba walks from weekly… More »
Making Things Better: 5S-ing the Community
Do you use any lean tools to make your community a better place? Tony Heath has, ever since he was first sold on 5S many years ago. Here's his story. More »
Ever feel like your home city or town needs to step up its game in maintaining road conditions? People in Washington State certainly have - and for them, lean turned out to be the way to efficient and effective road maintenance. Steve Gorcester played a major role in this lean transformation - here's his story. More »
Coaches Give Corrective Feedback
Why do Toyota managers coach their learners? This month's two-minute video from the Sentis Brain Animation series partially answers that question. More »
How can kanban or lean possibly apply in an office?
Dear Gemba Coach, You often say that one can’t do lean without kanban, and that continuous improvement without kanban is fine, but not lean. My team works on projects in an office, I fail to see how kanban… More »
Twenty years ago Jim Womack and Dan Jones helped launch the lean movement as we know it today with their key book Lean Thinking. Now, for a second day, we have the opportunity to ask the two authors to reflect on how lean thinking and lean practice have evolved since the book appeared. LEI senior editor Tom Ehrenfeld has asked Jim and Dan for their thoughts on a range of topics; please feel free to add your thoughts, comments, and questions. More »
Twenty years ago Jim Womack and Dan Jones helped launch the lean movement as we know it today with their key book Lean Thinking. Yesterday we shared some thoughts on the… More »
Lean Thinking: A Roundup
In honor of the 20th anniversary of the publishing of Lean Thinking, by Jim Womack and Dan Jones, Lean Post Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld presents a roundup of the book, its… More »
What are the elements of knowledge-based…
Dear Gemba Coach, What would be a knowledge-based approach to product development? More »
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