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There are many challenging goals.
How do you get there?

Welcome. This site is a community sandbox for sharing ideas and experiences gained from daily practice of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata.

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What is the Improvement Kata? Introduction to the Improvement Kata
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This month's Kata video is an example of what happens when a team practices a scientific way of working, rather than just trying to implement solutions. Notice the phases of iteration (experimentation) that this photo team experienced as they improved their process to meet a greatly-increasing demand.

By Elizabeth Wheat, Kyle Muramatsu, Nicole Purrier | March 2015
KATA AT HOME By Jeremiah Davis
February 2015
WHAT IS LEAN ABOUT? By Mike Rother & Jeff Liker
January 2015
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by jeroen van deursen | April 2015

It's interesting to see the improvements in the studio.

But why add terrible music that makes the comments inaudible?