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Training to See Kit: A Value-Stream Mapping Workshop
Training to See Kit: A Value-Stream Mapping Workshop
by Mike Rother and John Shook

List Price: $775.00


Our Training To See kit has everything you need to run your own value-stream mapping (VSM) workshops—except a comfortable pair of shoes for walking your value streams.

With the TTS kit you will be able to lead people through the VSM exercises of selecting a product family, mapping its current state, identifying the root causes of waste, mapping a leaner future state, and developing a plan to implement that future state to achieve results. The kit is based on the proven approach and lessons of Learning to See, LEI’s best-selling workbook on value-stream mapping. 

The kit includes:

  • A Facilitator’s Guide for leading your own value-stream mapping workshops, including tips and suggestions for having a successful training session
  • 20 copies of the VSM Workshop Participant Guide so students can follow along with the facilitator (By purchasing additional Participant Guides you can deliver consistent training to all levels of your organization.)
  • A thumbdrive of facilitator slides, that include Jim Womack's remarks and all the forms and templates needed for starting and sustaining the transformation:
  1. a product-family matrix form for identifying product families to map
  2. an annual value-stream plan showing goals, steps, checkpoints, and deadlines
  3. a value-stream review template to evaluate progress toward each objective on your future-state maps and manage obstacles.
  4. communication forms for facilitators, including a memo to confirm attendance at the mapping workshop, a workshop evaluation form, and a follow-up letter to attendees to gauge their progress
  5. a certificate of completion, customizable for your company
  • A copy of the Lean Lexicon (5th Edition)
  • A durable nylon carrying bag with roomy pockets for all your mapping essentials

Educational, nonprofit, and government organization discounts are available, please contact LEI for details at 617-871-2900. 

 About value-stream mapping

Value-stream mapping is a fundamental step in any lean transformation because it leads to a better overall flow in an entire process instead of isolated improvements to a single point in a process.

Value-stream mapping creates a blueprint for applying other improvement tools and kaizen. It also helps people see beyond the symptoms of waste to the deeper root causes, so they can make substantial and sustainable improvements. Every company that is serious about becoming lean will want its employees and its suppliers to know this basic tool. The Training to See kit contains all the information and guidance you need to run comprehensive and cost-effective mapping workshops.

Publisher:  Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.
ISBN-13:  978-1-934109-17-5
Publication Date:  October 14, 2002
Number of Pages:  216
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