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Lean Lexicon 4th Edition (Arabic)
Lean Lexicon 4th Edition (Arabic)
by Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.
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Lean Lexicon was first published in January 2003 and most recently updated in 2008. It contains many illustrations and  key terms from A3 Report to Yokoten. The Lexicon includes such key lean enterprise terms as:

  • jidoka,
  • kanban,
  • kaizen,
  • lean consumption,
  • lean production,
  • lean enterprise,
  • pull production,
  • standardized work,
  • takt time,
  • Toyota Production System, and
  • value-stream mapping.

New terms include:

  • Dashboard (strategy deployment)
  • Fulfillment Stream (supply stream)
  • Look-Ask-Model-Discuss-Act Cycle (product and process development)
  • Lean Product and Process Development (product and process development)
  • Trade-off Curves (product and process development)
  • True North (strategy deployment)
  • Useable Knowledge (product and process development)

These terms were updated with new information or graphics:

  • Chief Engineer (product and process development)
  • Lean Thinking
  • Set-based Concurrent Engineering (product and process development)
  • Strategy Deployment (strategy deployment)

Unlike most other business glossaries in print or online, the Lexicon is focused exclusively on lean and lean management.

This translation of the fourth edition represents the first time Lean Lexicon has been translated into Modern Arabic . Like previous editions,  it still incorporates improvement ideas from many customers. We welcome suggestions from managers, executives, engineers – everyone in the expanding Lean Community of manufacturing, service, and healthcare companies.

Suggestions for additions and improvements for the Arabic edition are welcome and should be sent to info@leangulf.org.  To our Arabic community of followers: The Lean Gulf Institute would like to extend an offer—if your input results in an update to this Arabic translation of Lean Lexicon Fourth Edition, they will provide you a free book on another aspect of Lean knowledge. Please visit www.leangulf.org for more information.

Publisher:  Lean Gulf Institute
ISBN-13:  978-0-9787176-1-2
Publication Date:  June 1, 2011
Number of Pages:  132
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