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Developing Awareness on the Gemba
Lean Health Care Tips for Covid-19 (from Planet Lean)
In this excellent Planet Lean article, a team of lean healthcare experts share helpful tips and principles for tackling More »
New Book Explains How to Create “Steady Work” in Unsteady Times with Standardized Work Cadences
In Steady Work, the new book from the Lean Enterprise Institute, author and former Starbucks’ Regional Manager Karen Gaudet offers astute business guidance for turbulent times and a heartfelt personal story about how the continuous improvement operating system revitalized the retailer during the global financial crisis and helped employees in Newtown, CT, get through the worst week of their lives. More »
Recommended Reading: Immunity, from Planet Lean
Please read the Planet Lean article Immunity for a detailed primer on how Italian manufacturer FPZ applied lean principles when tackling a host of problems posed by the current pandemic. More »
Working During an Outbreak; What We Can Learn for Later
During this pandemic, Trader Joe’s is demonstrating several hallmarks of lean thinking that help keep employees and customers safe--and creates a better shopping experience. More »
Lean and "emotional heijunka" in a Time of Pandemic
In this timely reflection, Jim Womack calls for "emotional heijunka": taking a deep breath, identifying the most important problems that must be addressed in a given process, and screening out the emotional inputs we are bombarded with so that we don't get into the dumps or soar with false euphoria. More »
Reimagining the Restaurant Industry in a Post-COVID-19 World
The impact of COVID-19 has proven how ill-prepared we are to deal with crises. It’s time for hospitality businesses like restaurants to rethink how we operate so that we can create a more sustainable and resilient industry moving forward. More »
How One Company is Using Lean Fundamentals When Facing Disruption
Companies that have been built using lean principles are turning to these core ideals when confronting the unique challenges caused by today’s pandemic. Here's how the French seller of automobiles, AramisAuto, is responding. More »
Coping with COVID-19: Lessons from The Plague
In this time of pandemic, John Shook shares some ways this novel coronavirus is impacting him personally, noting "For Camus, hope is the enemy. But, from where I sit today (I may sit somewhere else or lie prone tomorrow), hope embodied in action is in itself medicinal. The most powerful medicine is to take caring action.” More »
Preventing Problems by Thinking Upstream: A Talk with Dan Heath
Tune in to the LEI podcast to catch a conversation with Dan Heath on his new book Upstream, which urges people to address problems before they happen rather than tackle them after the fact--in "fire fighting" mode. More »
Dear Gemba Coach, What do I do when key logistics employees are afraid to come to work?  More »
Dear Gemba Coach, What do I do when key logistics employees are afraid to come to work?  More »
Why (and How) We Believe Lean Can Help During COVID-19
As Lean Sensei Women, we have put together some relevant lean suggestions and ideas for your organization to use (and of course, you can apply many of them at home as well) in response to COVID-19. They’re simple and easy, can be implemented quickly, and are all based on our lean principles of respect for humanity and continuous improvement. More »
Ask Art: How Does Lean Bring the Customer Directly Onto the Shop Floor?”
The lean approach reduces setup times, creates flow, improves quality, lowers cost and drastically shortens lead times, says Art Byrne, who explains how a good kanban system essentially brings the customer directly to the shop floor in real time and allows all associates to feel the real demand. More »
Why You Need a Product Focus for Enterprise Transformation
Lean Product and Process Development serves as an enterprise activity that can engage the entire organization and improve operations and growth, says Jim Morgan. Listen to his keynote address for insights into how. More »
What should I expect as a lean manager?
Dear Gemba Coach, I’m currently a team leader, and I’ve been offered a job as a lean manager – what should I expect? More »
What should I expect as a lean manager?
Dear Gemba Coach, I’m currently a team leader, and I’ve been offered a job as a lean manager – what should I expect? More »
Why Lean Remains A Superior Business Model and Way of Thinking
The lean business model offers an alternative to conventional thinking, says Dan Jones. He argues that it achieves a premium price by being better at helping customers to meet their needs and retaining them, rather than dominating markets and controlling customers. More »
How Can Lean Help Respond to Crises?
How Can Lean Help Respond to Crises?
Although lean might seem fragile to crises, because of low inventories, it’s quite the opposite, says Michael Balle: Lean thinking is about training to solve small crises – problems – daily. More »
Lean in the Time of Coronavirus
While lean offers no direct countermeasure to tackling the current coronavirus health challenge, Jim Womack points out in this podcast that key lean practices such as just-in-time supply chains should not be mistakenly viewed as compromised practices that contribute to maladaptive responses. More »
A Consciousness of Reality
There are countless cases of lean thinking being applied masterfully with the word lean (or the Toyota Production System) nowhere in sight, writes John Shook, who argues that lean thinking and practice can embody the power and potential of lean thinking as a holistic approach to making things better for even the world’s thorniest problems. More »