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Avoid the Costly Work of Rework
Art of Lean on Work & Waste, Part 2: Overproduction
Take a closer look at and gain an in-depth understanding of the waste overproduction with Art of Lean, Incorporated President Art Smalley. More »
What Finance Teams Can Learn from the Lean Practice of ‘Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect’ - Part 1
Join a "lean accounting" coach as he recounts several gemba walks with Finance and Accounting leaders and shares their "ah-ha" reaction. More »
"It's Only A Failure If You Don't Learn"
"It's Only A Failure If You Don't Learn"
"It's only a failure if you don't learn" says Toyota veteran Isao Yoshino, whose experience developing an ultimately failed water-ski boat venture for Toyota is shared in Katie Anderson's new book documenting many of his life lessons. More »
Never Fail...To Create the Conditions for People to be Successful
In this excerpt from Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, Katie Anderson shares the story of how Isao Yoshino learned first-hand the value that Toyota places in learning from failure--from humbly framing unexpected outcomes as opportunities to learn. More »
Turn To Lean in Times of Crisis
Turn To Lean in Times of Crisis
Lean thinkers need new tools and new mindsets to face today's daunting challenges, argues Jim Womack, who shares examples of how this has sparked great historical lean "leaps." More »
Art of Lean on Work & Waste, Part 1: A Focus on Muda
Take a deeper dive into muda, or waste, and learn the difference between pure and incidental waste. Art Smalley, president of Art of Lean, Incorporated, shares an easy way to tell the difference. More »
Applying Lean Thinking and Practice to Systemic Racism, Part 2 of 2
To create anti-racist organizations to fit, value, and respect all people, leaders should step forward with a sound vision framed by the five principles of lean. Here's how. Part 2 of 2. More »
Using the Logic of Lean Thinking to Combat Racism, Part 1 of 2
To create new anti-racist organizations, leaders need to fully embrace the five principles of lean: value vs. waste, value stream, flow, pull, and perfection. But first, we must reflect on history to help us grasp the current situation. Part one of two. More »
How Can Lean Fit Into Industry 4.0?
How Can Lean Fit Into Industry 4.0?
Lean thinkers should never become slaves to technology, says Andrew Quibell, who sketches out ways to reflect on how lean can support and enable the coming Industry 4.0. More »
Boosting Organizational Resilience Through Jidoka
Jidoka enables operators to build in quality into the production process--and forms a foundation of stability helping a company respond to crisis with resilience. This roundup shares resources explaining jidoka and helping you get started with it. More »
The Art of Lean: An Introduction to Muda, Mura, and Muri
Take a closer look at the concepts of muda, mura, and muri and learn why you have to consider all three when you pursue any type of improvement or Kaizen actions. More »
Align Your Continuous Improvement Efforts: Practical Tips from 4 CEOs in 4 Major Business Sectors
Four CEOs who are leading lean management voices in the critical economic sectors of manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, and education, offer advice on aligning your continuous improvement effort during the Virtual Lean Learning Experience conference. More »
The Role of Lean Product and Process Development in Building the Lean Enterprise
A distinguished group of lean leaders discusses the role of Lean Product and Process Development in building the lean enterprise during a panel discussion during the Lean Enterprise Institute's Virtual Lean Learning Experience 2020. More »
The Power of Personal Yokoten
The Power of Personal Yokoten
Personal yokoten to teach new mindsets and attitudes is an activity all of us can perform out in the world every day with every manager, team leader, and team we touch, says Jim Womack. He believes we can transfer new, lean ideas about management and leadership in our civic roles and even in our families as we think through tough issues. More »
Becoming the Change: Talking Healthcare Transformation with Kim Barnas and John Toussaint on the WLEI Podcast
In this WLEI podcast, Becoming the Change authors Kim Barnas and John Toussaint discuss the personal challenges facing healthcare leaders who are committed to the tough work of lean transformation. More »
Changing the Way New Value is Created with Lean Product and Process Development
Learn the six guiding principles of LPPD and why they are critical to successful new product, process, and service development. More »
Lean Lessons from Cobra Kai(zen) and the Karate Kid
The unexpected wake-up call of the modest perfection of the original Karate Kid movie was that we need to move beyond defending this or that method of work and look to highlight opportunities of improving things beyond monetization, says Michael Balle in this reflection on the meaning of this classic movie. More »
Mining the Lessons From Designing the Future
Designing the Future shares a wealth of insights that transcend product development minutiae; this articles shares the broader argument presented by the authors in this notable book. More »