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At the start of a lean transformation, a continuous improvement leader convinced her division president that a book club would be a good way to introduce leaders to lean concepts. Here’s what she did to make the club interesting and valuable for its busy participants, including what worked and what didn’t. More »
John Shook looks back at the key theme of LEI's Nashville summit on the theme of how to be better employees. More »
Lean Roundup: Respect for People
Lean Roundup: Respect for People
Respect for People is one of the most abstract and yet most concrete tenets of lean, a guiding principle that informs how people work, coach, and lead. This roundup of writings reveals a wealth of perspectives on how lean thinkers convert this ideal into tangible ways of thinking and acting. More »
Any thoughts about lean and Industry 4.0?
Dear Gemba Coach,  What about lean and digital? Any thoughts? And on Industry 4.0? More »
In his prognosis of the health care system, LEI CEO Eric Buehrens says we need to improve the work to remove waste and create value; and be advocates for enough “social heijunka” to ensure that resources going to that sector don’t impoverish frontline workers across our society. More »
To explore the idea that there may be other angles for understanding lean management than business or analytical perspectives, a group of lean management practitioners met with artists. Here’s what surprised them. More »
Lean is a “learn by doing” exercise not a classroom training approach. The best method I know to achieve this is through a sustained high level of kaizen activity. You are trying to create a learning environment where everyone is constantly learning and contributing to the organization. Every time an improvement is made, learning occurs. The faster you go the more learning can occur. More »
Dear Gemba Coach,As I read lean posts and papers, no one seems to have problems like this anymore, but I am trying to convince my manager that we have a bottleneck in the… More »
Mapping a Reading List to Lean
Mapping a Reading List to Lean
We humans want to see what is happening, understand how we and our colleagues best collaborate, solve problems, make good decisions, and have an insatiable desire to be better. This Lean reading list by Jim Benson steps outside the obvious texts and provides offerings with a foundation for these critical skills. More »
Lean provides us with a different approach to this vicious cycle. Build a management system in your company that allows employees to make the best decisions for the customer (end user and next process). This shows respect for your people. More »
A new generation of leaders varies in individual styles but shares common beliefs that create a foundation for successful lean transformations, collectively identified here as “pre-lean thinking.” More »
Toyota chief engineers have no power? Really?
Dear Gemba Coach,We often hear that Toyota chief engineers have no power. Really? So how does that work? Why such an organization? What problem does it solve? More »
The real work of companies like Tesla who face stupendous challenges in launching a product should have happened long before production commenced, says Jim Morgan, noting that the time for urgency, the time for bringing your sleeping bag to work is during development – not in production. More »
The Quiet Factory
The Quiet Factory
Could noise be considered another waste to be reduced in the system? Matt Savas ponders the implications of a Toyota factory that has set a goal of lowering the decibel level to help with a key strategic goal. More »
D-Lab at MIT is using lean product and process design to help solve problems in the developing world, and are truly making the world a better place for all those involved More »
If there’s one common theme among virtually any failed effort, it boils to a failure to engage people in the purpose, says Tracey Richardson. That's why before any industry or functional area attempts (beyond manufacturing) to learn lean thinking, the people leading the work must gain the mutual trust and respect from your workers by walking the walk. More »
As CEO, how do I get my management team to support the lean effort?
Dear Gemba Coach,As a CEO, lean has enabled me to renew our company’s profitable growth, so I love it. But getting my management team on board is a daily struggle. Thoughts? More »
Rethinking the Model Line
Rethinking the Model Line
The model line, once seen as the key to helping organizations learn and share lean thinking, has served a critical purpose, says Jim Womack: to raise awareness of fundamental management problems. More »
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