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Why Product Focus is Customer Focus
The Art of Lean: Must-Knows for Coaching the Corrective-Action Phase of Problem-Solving, Part 1
Art Smalley, president of Art of Lean, Inc., shares a problem-solving coaching tip that he developed and likes to use with his clients. Learn how you can adapt the "A.D.P. Method" to improve success in the corrective-action phase of your problem-solving approach. More »
Lean Roundup: Hoshin Kanri
Hoshin Kanri, described as "a management system that allows the organization to quickly and effectively adjust its priorities while engaging the team," has been the subject of numerous articles and an upcoming online class. Tom Ehrenfeld compiles a roundup of some great articles which share the practice and promise of Hoshin. More »
Why We Believe Tough Times and Opportunity Go Hand in Hand
In this detailed set of suggestions for managing the current challenges posed by Covid-19, Rose Heathcote and the Lean Sensei Women focus on leveraging assets in these cash-strapped times: "How we handle the crisis is a defining moment. How we prepare for life after the crisis is vital." More »
Using Lean Thinking to Create an “Emergency Management System”
The Lynn Community Health Center (LCHC) demonstrates how one organization with scarce resources can respond to a problem as daunting as a global pandemic using the same know-how and thinking -- lean thinking -- they have used to solve many problems over the years. More »
“Too much, Too early” and other Common Pitfalls of Lean Product Development
Veteran product development coaches Eric Ethington and Matt Zayko provide insights about the most common mistakes they see companies make when implementing Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD). More »
Learning to Face Challenges with Agility and Resilience
In this excerpt from his book The High-Velocity Edge, Steven Spear explains how Toyota managed to adapt quickly to a catastrophic fire at one of its suppliers. He emphasizes that the company's internal qualities can benefit all companies seeking to be responsive to today's challenges. More »
Making Pivots Operational
Learn how NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP) hospital (NYP) pivoted to meet crisis-level demands at the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic -- thanks to their existing daily management system. More »
Using Lean Thinking to Resume Work Safely during the Covid-19 Pandemic
As LEI's webinar on "safe, smart steps for restarting production" approaches this week, here's a handful of articles about companies that are tackling the tough challenge of resuming work. More »
What I Learned by Coaching at the Gemba Virtually
Lean Coach Mark Reich shares an example of how lean thinking is itself continually renewed, as leading practitioners use it to solve new problems. More »
Why Managing Emotions at Work Matters
Why Managing Emotions at Work Matters
True effectiveness in the workplace – innovation, change, enhanced customer experience - requires an acknowledgement of how emotions interface with outcomes, says author Susan David. It is when emotions are acknowledged and brought into organizational processes, rather than being sidelined, that the full power of human intellect and possibility is realized. More »
How to Fail At Lean in Four Easy Steps
Nobody wants to fail at lean, to be sure. Author Regis Medina calls our four surefire ways to achieve this goal, and suggests a more productive way of thinking moving forward. More »
How to A3: Resources for Developing Structured Problem-Solving and Leadership Skills
As LEI prepares its next course on Managing to Learn, here's a popular article rounding up a wealth of resources about practicing A3 Thinking by Tom Ehrenfeld More »
Ask Art: Why Does Setup Time Reduction Matter So Much?
Setup reduction is a necessary step to go from traditional management to lean--or said another way, from batch to flow and from push to pull. According to Art Byrne, reducing this time may sound like some “manufacturing thing” but is in fact one of the most strategic things you can do. More »
Searching for a Path Toward Healing
Dr. Kiame Mahaniah, the CEO of Lynn Community Health Center, shares the message he wrote to his staff about finding a path toward healing after the recent spate of racial violence and resulting civil unrest. More »
How to Conduct a Virtual Kaizen Event: Some Ideas from the #LeanCommunity
Over 800 lean practitioners have joined and are sharing best practices and ideas on the LEI #LeanCommunity on Slack. More »
Now is the Time for Resilience and Adaptability!
People and organizations can create the conditions for building their own resilience by drawing from TPS, the Thinking People System, says Sandrine Olivencia. But for this to work, leaders still need to put in the necessary energy: the will to examine the facts as they are and to give their teams the space for experimenting and making their contributions. More »
Why a Lean Transformation Requires a New Quoting Process, Part 1
How to ensure your lean transformation leads to improved profitability. More »
How to Ensure the Safety of Hospital Staff During the Pandemic
In the seventh and final post of a seven-part series, the Global Lean Healthcare Initiative focuses on keeping staff safe. More »