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How do we deal with a command-and-control boss?
Dear Gemba Coach, Our boss always says, “It’s not my job to tell you how to do yours!” But then he tells us what to do all day long. How do we deal with this? More »
"Organizationally, I believe that the coaching role needs to be fulfilled by the supervisor," writes Dave LaHote. But all too often, LaHote has found a misconception in this role that can undermine a coaching relationship. Watch his animated video to learn more. More »
Art Byrne is often asked how to best measure the success of a lean transformation -- but does such a measurement even exist? He's been asked this so many times that he now addresses it in his latest installment of Ask Art. Read more. More »
The main theme of the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit was "Managing to Create Problem Solvers" -- but LEI Business Editor Cam Ford spotted another, underlying theme throughout the presentations he attended. Read more to find out what it was and how can it help you create a problem solving culture in your organization. More »
A Week of Kaizen in Just One Day
"Often when I hear people talk about kaizen, they are under the impression that this is some huge event with dozens of people fixing loads of things over a week," writes… More »
Advice from the Gemba: How Can I Change a…
One of the most common questions asked by lean leaders is the question of culture change. How, they ask, can we change a firmly rooted culture to match our desired behaviors?… More »
Another Summit is here! This year we're in beautiful, sunny Carlsbad, Cali. reporting the latest. Tune in today to learn what's happening. More »
Another Summit is here! This year we're in beautiful, sunny Carlsbad, Cali. reporting the latest. Tune in today to learn what's happening. More »
Is there a lean way of delegating?
Dear Gemba Coach, I’m an entrepreneur and I used to micromanage everything, quite successfully. Now the firm has grown and I’m trying to delegate. How do I stop myself from cutting in when the actions my… More »
Tracey and Ernie Richardson explore how NASCAR pit crews use visuals for safety and speed. More »
Can electric bamboo bikes made in Bali offer a potential solution to global social, economic and environmental injustice? What does it mean that the Earth owns the business? Learn more about E-CORPS from its creator, Mark Donovan, co-founder of Wooden Ships. More »
How to More Effectively Change Mindsets…
In her many years as a coach, Karyn Ross has found an alternative to the current paradigm of changing mindsets. The Lean Post recently sat down with Karyn to hear about this… More »
We meet daily to examine a new customer…
Dear Gemba Coach, We’re a start-up and have taken your advice: we now have a customer wall and we meet daily to look into a new complaint. What do we do next?… More »
Lean Roundup: 5S
LEI's Senior Editor Tom Ehrenfeld provides an engaging insight into the web's best resources on 5S, a fundamental lean tool that was the first many of us ever used when we… More »
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