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Once Again, Here's Why JIT Matters
Jeffrey Liker argues that recent media snipes fail to understand the crucial role JIT plays in a complete #lean system in surfacing problems & pressuring companies to fix them immediately More »
Coach's Corner: Understanding the Value of a Concept Paper
The Concept Paper's integral role at Toyota hones in on the process, encouraging questions and deeper understandings along the way. More »
Multiply the Improvers in Your Organization Every Day
Be prepared to commit the time, patience and tenacity to unleash the power of improvement your organization, says Andrew Quibell. He illustrates how to actively engage all your people. More »
Can You Assess Your Way to Lean?
Can You Assess Your Way to Lean?
Using assessments to gauge process is both a flawed approach and potential trap, argues Jeff Liker. He suggests a broader and mindful approach for reaping enduring discoveries and improvements. More »
How Lean Thinking and Practice, Grounded in Purpose, Helped Drive Amazon’s Success
Marc Onetto shares his experiences in Amazon, underlining the importance of a customer-driven approach in times of heavy demand and production. More »
Visual Replenishment Delivers for Zingerman’s
Visual Replenishment Delivers for Zingerman’s
How an online grocery business meets pandemic-related demand increases while maintaining a safe work environment. More »
Front-Load Your Design Process By Using Set-Based Design
Jeffrey Liker highlights the benefits of a set-based design in this in-depth reflection of his time working in product development at Toyota. More »
Are You Narrowing Your Problems Down?
"Rationality did not lay in higher reasoning powers, in visionary schemes, but in the ability to narrow down problems until one reached the nitty-gritty level at which one could actually do something about them," writes the protagonist of Michael Balle's The Gold Mine. More »
Focus Your Operating System to Bring Your Strategy to Life
An effective operating system brings strategy to life, argues Jim Morgan. He notes how it synchronizes critical activities, enables the organization to respond quickly to a changing environment and allows plans and teams to move together. More »
Understand Before You Execute
Leading practitioners share the benefits of understanding this principle of lean product and process development. More »
Understanding the 4S Help Chain, Part 2: Lessons from NUMMI on How to Adapt the Model to Product Development
How do you create an andon signal for your product and process development process? Matt Zayko, a technical coach for LEI's Lean Product and Process Development team, explains. More »
What Problems Does The Gold Mine Challenge You to Address?
Learning begins with self-reflection, a process that can start with group reading and discussion of ideas from lean books. We are launching the LEI book club with a discussion of The Gold Mine, and sharing questions from the book for you to consider. More »
Understanding the 4S Help Chain, Part 1: Lessons from NUMMI on How to Manage Work Disruptions
What are the four critical characteristics of an effective help chain? Matt Zayko, a technical coach for LEI's Lean Product and Process Development team, explains. More »
Diving Deep to Discover the Value of Lean Companies with Cliff Ransom
Analyzing companies from a lean perspective can deliver some incredible insight. Just ask Cliff Ransom, whose insights on the value of lean companies are chronicled in this episode of the WLEI Podcast. More »
What are the Three A's of the A3?
John Shook explains the three A's of the A3 in this video clip from the presentation that he and Lisa Yerian, chief improvement officer at Cleveland Clinic, delivered at LEI's Virtual Learning Experience. More »
Insights and Advice from a Lean Accounting Leader
Why and how to get started integrating lean thinking and practice into accounting and finance at your organization. More »
How Lean Start-ups Can Avoid Big Company Disease
SATPOS, a lean start-up in Norway specializing in positioning, sensing and monitoring solutions for the ocean is learning to remain agile by observing the effects of BCD on its larger counterparts. CEO Eva Helen Rognskog and Daryl Powell share its progress. More »
Who, or What, Is Your Company Investing In?
After reviewing the stellar work by a frontline supervisor who improved the problem of rotisserie chicken running out of stock, Josh Howell asked: will technology work for your people, or the other way around? More »