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Sharing how the world is making things better through lean.
"I am the Violin," or, Mastery through Doing
CRIISSP: The Lean Route to a Superior Stock Market Valuation
Long-term lean thinker and investment guru Cliff Ransom shares a seven-letter acronym, CRIISSP, to help identify the key (and most valued) qualities of superior lean companies over time. More »
How Can Lean Affect Shareholder Value?
How Can Lean Affect Shareholder Value?
Lean can help challenge assumptions and surface opinions that ultimately improve shareholder value, argues Michael Balle. More »
Fundamentals Redux--An Appreciation of Kaizen Express
Kaizen Express is the expression of an approach to kaizen that is at once a return to basics while at the same time emphasizing the centrality of individual and team learning, says John Shook. This resource is grounded in the belief that the thinking of TPS can only be achieved through doing. More »
Why We Believe Micromanagement is Worth A Deeper Conversation
The Lean Sensei Women explore how poorly-focused micromanagement destroys trust--while well-placed micromanagement supports Lean fundamentals and delivers exceptional results. More »
Avoiding Lean 'Flatlining': A Podcast with Mark Deluzio, Art Byrne, and Jim Womack
Mark Deluzio, lean consultant, practitioner, and author of Flatlined, discusses enduring challenges with Art Byrne and Jim Womack on this WLEI podcast. More »
Why Value Stream Mapping is Essential to Product and Process Development
Learn about a proven way to help cross-functional teams clearly “see” their work and achieve their full potential from John Drogosz, senior coach, Lean Product and Process Development, Lean Enterprise Institute. More »
Debunking the 'Time Drives Costs' Myth with Lean Financial Thinking
Learn why you must stop allocating costs based on time--and how lean financial thinking and practice gives you a more accurate way to understand and track this important metric. More »
The Benefits of Kaizen Learning vs. Traditional Problem-Solving
Kaizen is for learning and doing, says Art Byrne, who points out the benefits of this "learn-by-doing" approach over traditional problem-solving. More »
Lean WX – An Rx for Making Things Better
As someone whose understanding of lean/TPS grew exponentially by working on the line, Josh Howell encourages every would-be lean enterprise out there, even those who have “only” created a model line, to try this approach to capability development. More »
Navigating a Lean Quality 4.0 Road Map
Lean thinking and practice has a great deal to offer when it comes to adjusting to Industry 4.0, and in this article Andrew Quibell shares thoughts (and a sketch) on this topic More »
Art of Lean on Work & Waste, Part 6: Waiting
Learn how to spot what Art Smalley, president of Art of Lean, Incorporated, thinks is the most annoying form of waste. More »
Why Lean Is the Strategy We Need For Today's World
At all times, and especially in uncertain conditions such as today, lean is a learning framework, argue Michael Balle and Dan Jones. More »
What's Needed to Ensure a Successful Lean Transformation
Learn what works--and what doesn't--in driving your lean transformation. LEI Senior Advisors Jim Womack and Jim Morgan share top-line learning from their decades of experience with LEI president Josh Howell. More »
Lean Product & Process Development Guiding Principles At-A-Glance
An infographic summarizes the six guiding principles of lean product and process development. More »
The 6 Guiding Principles of Lean Product and Process Development
Learn the six guiding principles of Lean Product and Process Development and how they can help your organization accelerate the development of new products, processes, and services. More »
Art of Lean on Work & Waste, Part 5: Motion
Watch this quick tutorial about how to see the waste of motion in your work, from Art Smalley, president of Art of Lean, Incorporated. More »
How Pall Corporation Accelerated the Covid-19 Vaccine Process Development using Lean Thinking and Practice
How Pall Corporation Accelerated the Covid-19 Vaccine Process Development using Lean Thinking and Practice
Learn how Pall Corp developed and deployed a full manufacturing process in eight weeks – an 80% reduction compared to typical development times. More »
How Lean is Amazon?
How Lean is Amazon?
Amazon has tapped lean principles and practices in its inexorable rise to becoming the world's largest retailer, notes Tom Ehrenfeld. What can be learned from this? More »