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Lean Enterprise Institute Announces that John Shook Is Its New Chairman and CEO, Succeeding Founder James P. Womack

Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 28, 2010 – The nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute  (LEI) today announced that its board of directors has appointed John Shook as chairman and CEO, succeeding James P. Womack, Ph.D., the company's founder.

The board elected Shook at its regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 27. Womack, who led the MIT research team that coined the term “lean production,” announced the CEO succession plan in August 2010. He founded LEI in 1997 to advance lean principles around the world.

While he has stepped down from a management role, Womack will remain at LEI as a senior advisor, continuing to write and participate in research.

Shook has written or co-authored several important lean management books and articles, including LEI’s Learning to See workbook that established value-stream mapping as a tool used worldwide to identify and eliminate sources of nonvalue-adding activities and for system redesign. In Managing to Learn Shook described for the first time the dynamics of lean management and leadership and how they are supported by the A3 management process.

Shook was the first American manager at Toyota's headquarters in Japan and helped the automaker transfer its lean management system to North America and around the world. He was  a senior advisor to LEI since 1997.

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