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Boaz Tamir

Boaz Tamir

President, Israel Lean Enterprise

A founding and managing partner of Montefiore Partners Venture Capital fund, and Worldview.biz a research team focusing on the global business economy and the value based investment methodology practices. Tamir was the founding partner and director of Romold Group, a multinational company, specializing in environmental technologies and focusing on the development and production of infrastructure products for water and waste-water management and telecommunication. Additionally, Dr. Tamir founded and directed, with PWCL Accountants, Ya’ad Business Development Ltd. a leading consulting company and was the founder and CEO of Be-Connected – Telecom Company.

Articles by Boaz Tamir
Put the 'i' Before the Apple
Apple is a company with a reputation for keeping its customers' needs at the forefront of its product development decisions. But according to Boaz Tamir of Israel Lean Enterprise, that reputation is starting to slip away after some poor recent moves. Read more. More »
Serious Games
Boaz Tamir (President of Lean Institute Israel) and lean coach Smadar Cohen Isvoranu share their reflections on a recent lean product and process development workshop in Zikheron Ya’akov, Israel. More »
Are You Managing People or Making Way for Their Creativity to Shine?
"The role of the [lean manager] entails three main parts: clear definition of goals; provision of significant and consistent feedback; and maintaining challenges," writes Boaz Tamir. And it's all about creating flow. Read why. More »
Too Much Information Can Destroy Effective Management
"A lean organization minimizes the amount of unnecessary 'junk' information and increases the amount of 'gold' (value-producing) information that is necessary for knowledge creation," writes Boaz Tamir. More »
The Age of Manipulating Customers is Over
In his latest column for the Post, Boaz Tamir explains how the business landscape has changed since consumers have become more and more conscious of waste. Read why it no longer works to try to sell customers products or services they don't want or need. More »
Are You Making Enough Mistakes?
How comfortable are you making mistakes? Do you make it safe for your team members to make mistakes? Boaz Tamir, Founder of Israel Lean Enterprise Institute, reflects on these questions and more after learning about Menlo Innovations' unique organizational culture. More »
Managing to Reboot Leadership
"Despite sweeping changes to the business environment and real threats to organizational sustainability, too many managers remain stuck in traditional management roles and systems," writes Boaz Tamir. Read why Tamir thinks this new, disrupted business reality calls for lean thinking. More »
Managing the Wisdom of the Many
"Lean organizations that depend on the qualities of rare individuals face multi-dimensional risks," writes Boaz Tamir, President of Israel Lean Institute. In his first piece for the Post, Tamir calls for the integration of individual capabilities and team synergy as we seek to build successful 21st century businesses. More »