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Danielle McGuiness

Danielle McGuiness

Co-Learning Partners Development Manager, Lean Enterprise Institute
Articles by Danielle McGuiness
What “Co-Learning” Across Industries Looks Like in Practice
"In April, as part of a 2-day capstone learning event for Cardinal Health, we brought the newest wave of Lean Leader graduates together to visit various gembas to see examples of other companies undergoing lean transformations," writes McGuiness. "With proximity to Ohio and some key relationships in mind, the team headed for southern Michigan.  " More »
You Can't Kaizen Chaos
LEI coach Danielle Blais shares why she believes lean thinking means little without practice, explains the importance of stable work processes, and offers guidance on how to keep your improvement efforts focused on what really matters. More »
Mixed Model Work at the Office
In manufacturing, running a mixed model reduces the risk of overproducing any one product and lowers finished "good" inventory. What are the benefits, if any, of using this mixed model approach at the office? More »
Short Stories and Quick Kaizens
Lean coach Danielle Blais continues to see opportunities for lean thinking just about everywhere she goes. More »
Learning Through Struggle
LEI coach Danielle Blais reflects on one of the most frustrating (and ultimately, most rewarding) coaching moments she's experienced so far in her career. More »
Problem Solving the Airlines
Rarely are process problems so clear as during the holidays! Have ideas for how to improve your air travel experience? Lean coach Danielle Blais does, too. Read more about what we can learn from travel stress! More »
How Lean is Ruining My Life
Since you began learning about Lean, have you noticed it's nearly impossible to get through a day without seeing opportunities for improvement everywhere? LEI Coach Danielle Blais can relate. More »
More Evidence That ThedaCare Rocks
LEI coach Danielle Blais reflects on her recent gemba visit to the lean healthcare organization, Appleton Medical Center in Appleton, Wisconsin—a ThedaCare hospital widely known for its exceptional patient care. More »
No Really, Go to the Gemba
LEI coach Danielle Blais explains why it's so important for lean coaches, leaders, and all managers to regularly visit the gemba (the place where the value-creating work actually gets done). More »
Designing Hospitals in Collaboration with Patients and Families
LEI coach Danielle Blais shares her reflections on a recent visit to Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando, a hospital built from the ground up using lean principles. More »
Be Prepared to Change Your Habits
LEI Coach Danielle Blais likens lean learning to something we all know something about: starting a new exercise routine or health regimen. Are you interested in a lean "quick fix" or are you interested in long-term, sustainable change? More »
Why Starting With a Model Area is Key to Lean Transformation
Lean coach Danielle Blais explains why starting small, with one team in one area, is so important to leading an effective lean transformation. More »