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Deborah McGee

Deborah McGee

Learning Activities Manager, Lean Enterprise Institute

Deborah McGee is LEI's Learning Activities Manager.

In this role, she receives and explores inquiries for support and collaboration from individuals and companies around the world. 

By gaining clarity around the problem to solve, current situation, and objectives/ constraints, Deb coaches and guides the Lean community through LEI's many options for support, and develops training plans, programs and experiences to build team and individual capabilities.  

Deborah actively coaches A3 Management with LEI's partners, and facilitates LEI's A3 courses: Managing to Learn and Managing to Learn, Remotely

Prior to joining LEI, Deborah served as a Project Manager for 13 years with a Boston-based Manufacturing & Technology company. There she gained a practical understanding of lean thinking and application 'learning through doing' in the classroom, on the shop floor, and through 1:1 coaching.

Contributing to office/service and shop floor transformations, product line development, and organizational growth through teamwork and complex problem solving, she learned about improving both the quality of life and work with lean thinking and practice.

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Articles by Deborah McGee
Book Review: Four Types of Problems
If you are developing a problem solver in your personal life or on your team, or if you’re continuously developing as a problem solver yourself, the new book Four Types of Problems will guide and support growth through active reading, application and reflection, says lean thinker Deb McGee. More »
What Are the Most Valuable Ways You Learned Lean?
Each approach to learning lean brings value into my work and improves my capabilities. There isn’t one way (for me) to get there. Each situation called for a different approach, and each approach to learning showed me a different dimension, making lean thinking more accessible, deepening my understanding and developing my practice, says Deb McGee. More »
Back-to-School Lean: Lunchbox Kanban
Lean thinking is just as impactful on the home front as it is at work. In honor of back-to-school season, LEI Learning Activities Manager Deb McGee shares her experimentations and learnings from transferring the work to the front line, freeing up time and building capability through lean thinking and practice -- her family's lunchbox kanban! More »
5 Ways My Thinking Changed With the Help of a Lean Coach
"Coaching for development is different than being managed," writes Deborah McGee. "Lean coaching in our case was not directing an improvement swat team or teaching lean workshops… It was a steadfast commitment to people, and to developing capability versus creating dependency.  " More »
Make the Shift: From “Churn and Burn” to Learn
Already practicing PDCA? Not so familiar with it? "If you’re not squarely in the PDCA camp, please accept this invitation to join!," writes Deborah McGee. "Begin anywhere, begin today and humbly let the next task you master become one you learn from.  " More »
The Obstacle is the Path
Deborah McGee, LEI's Learning Activities Manager, reflects on the most common obstacles she sees people facing when they first try to introduce lean ideas in their organization. McGee offers guidance on how to skillfully persevere despite resistance. More »
Workshops Taught by Deborah McGee
Managing to Learn Remotely: A3 Management - At Your Pace, At Your Place By attending this remote workshop, you and your classmates will be led by seasoned coaches one section at a time. Allowing you the space & time you need to reflect and apply the learning along the way. This approach helps you solve real problems at your company by collecting real-time data, collaborating with colleagues, and gathering feedback and support from peers and senior coaches. More »
Managing to Learn: The Use of the A3 Management Process This workshop introduces the A3 management process and the way of thinking represented in the A3 format that capture the heart of lean management. Participants will be provided an overview of various forms and uses of the A3 format and will have an opportunity to create their own A3. Working in small groups, they will be able to read, discuss, and evaluate each another’s A3s. More »