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Deborah McGee

Deborah McGee

Learning Activities Manager, Lean Enterprise Institute

Deborah McGee is the Learning Activities Manager responsible for all aspects of LEIs onsite education programs including speaking engagements, standard and customized training programs, and other activities to support onsite capability development. Prior to joining LEI, Deb served as a Project Manager for 13 years with a Boston-based Manufacturing & Technology company. She brings a practical understanding of lean thinking and application having contributed to enterprise and shopfloor process improvements, product line development, and organizational growth through teamwork and complex problem solving.

Articles by Deborah McGee
What Are the Most Valuable Ways You Learned Lean?
Each approach to learning lean brings value into my work and improves my capabilities. There isn’t one way (for me) to get there. Each situation called for a different approach, and each approach to learning showed me a different dimension, making lean thinking more accessible, deepening my understanding and developing my practice, says Deb McGee. More »
Back-to-School Lean: Lunchbox Kanban
Lean thinking is just as impactful on the home front as it is at work. In honor of back-to-school season, LEI Learning Activities Manager Deb McGee shares her experimentations and learnings from transferring the work to the front line, freeing up time and building capability through lean thinking and practice -- her family's lunchbox kanban! More »
5 Ways My Thinking Changed With the Help of a Lean Coach
"Coaching for development is different than being managed," writes Deborah McGee. "Lean coaching in our case was not directing an improvement swat team or teaching lean workshops… It was a steadfast commitment to people, and to developing capability versus creating dependency.  " More »
Make the Shift: From “Churn and Burn” to Learn
Already practicing PDCA? Not so familiar with it? "If you’re not squarely in the PDCA camp, please accept this invitation to join!," writes Deborah McGee. "Begin anywhere, begin today and humbly let the next task you master become one you learn from.  " More »
The Obstacle is the Path
Deborah McGee, LEI's Learning Activities Manager, reflects on the most common obstacles she sees people facing when they first try to introduce lean ideas in their organization. McGee offers guidance on how to skillfully persevere despite resistance. More »