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Darrell Damron

Darrell Damron

Enterprise Lean Consultant, Results Washington, Office of the Governor

Darrell Damron helps Washington state government use lean thinking and tools to deliver better value to more Washingtonians and make public service a more enjoyable experience for employees. Darrell joined Washington state government in 1991 and has served in the Department of Corrections and Department of Revenue. Prior to this, Darrell served six years on active duty in U.S. Marine Corps.

Articles by Darrell Damron
Public-Private Partnerships Lead To More Effective Government in WA
Since 2012, Washington state government has received more than 2,000 hours of volunteer advice, training, coaching, and/or facility tours from 132 lean experts representing 51 organizations. Darrell Damron shares the story of this unique collaborative learning partnership. More »