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Dhirendra Kumar Dubey

Dhirendra Kumar Dubey

CEO, Lean Management Institute of India

Dhirendra Kumar Dubey, CEO of Lean Management Institute of India, has been a lean coach teaching lean and Total Quality Management concepts across various industries in India since 1995. His ability to integrate management concepts and thoughts from both the East and West and offer custom results-oriented business solutions to his clients, is what differentiates him from others. He is mentored by some of the best lean and TQM sensei in the world, namely James P. Womack, John Shook, Jose Ferro, Dr. Kano, and Professor Kume. 

Dubey is Vice President in TQM International (TQMI), a pioneer TQM consulting organisation in India. Prior to consulting, Dubey worked as a mechanical engineer with hands on practice of TQM for a decade. He has taken TQM, TPM, and TPS study missions to Japan to develop insight on how Lean and TQM exemplars have sustained their initiatives for decades. He's facilitated lean study missions to Toyota plans in India and mentored lean transformation and new product development initiatives for Tata Nano Car, Mahindra, Mahindra Earth Master. Dubey is proud to have chaired sessions at the “First Congress of Asian Network of Quality” in 2003 in Beijing and has been published in numerous international journals. 

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