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Will Evans

Will Evans

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Will Evans is a world recognized expert in Lean Software, LeanUX, and Lean Startup to global corporations from NYC to Berlin to Singapore. Mr. Evans was previously the Managing Director of TLCLabs, the world's leading Lean Design Innovation consultancy where he has brought Lean Startup, LeanUX, and Design Thinking to large media, finance, and healthcare companies. Will is also the Design Thinker-in-Residence at NYU Stern's Berkley Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship where he lectures and consults on Design Thinking, Lean UX, and Lean Startup methodologies.

Before TLC, he led experience design and research for TheLadders in NYC. He has over 15 years industry experience in design innovation, user experience strategy and research. His roles include directing UX for social network analytics & terrorism modeling at AIR Worldwide, UX Architect for social media site Gather.com, and UX Architect for travel search engine Kayak.com. He worked at Lotus/IBM where he was the senior information architect, and for Curl - a DARPA-funded MIT project when he was at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.

Articles by Will Evans
Crossing Silos: Connecting Disconnected Communities at LeanUX NYC
LEI’s John Shook will give a talk, “Lean is About Building an Organization That Learns to Learn" at this year's LeanUX NYC conference, April 15-19. I sat down with conference creator Will Evans to learn more about the UX community and what business and organizational problems the conference aims to solve. More »
Problem Framing at the Fuzzy Front-End of Lean Product Design
Lean emphasizes problem solving, but many individuals and teams just have trouble coming up with an accurate problem statement. In his first piece for the Post, design thinker Will Evans explains the "4W method" he's begun using to help teams surface their assumptions and agree on a shared problem statement before ever thinking about a new target condition. More »