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Andrew Quibell

Andrew Quibell

Global Head of Quality Assurance, CIMPRESS

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Andrew Quibell entered the automotive industry in the mid 1980's as a trainee quality engineer. He advanced through the ranks into quality management and worked in several established tier-1 companies in the UK before joining the Textron division Kautex in 2002. Quibell entered Textron's Lean Black Belt program in 2006, eventually becoming a leading lean practitioner in the business, working primarily in high volume manufacturing. His roles at Kautex included VP CI Global and Director, Quality - Global.

Prior to leaving the automotive sector, Quibell sat on Textron's Quality & Continuous Improvement Council while also working as a regional advisor within Toyota’s tier-1 supplier base organization BAMA. Currently Quibell holds status as a Chartered Member of the UK CQI, a Senior Member of the ASQ, an Incorporated Engineer within ICME, and is registered as a principal auditor in QMS with IRCA.

In January 2016 Quibell left Kautex and moved into the printing industry, joining CIMPRESS – a leader in mass customization of printed products – as their Global Head of Quality Assurance.  Presently Andrew lives with his wife and daughter in the Windsor / Greater Detroit area.

Articles by Andrew Quibell
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How Team Leaders Should Divide Their Time
"Through my career, I’ve seen one group of individuals on the shop floor who need the most support and training – yet instead receive weak training and inconsistent support. They are 'team leaders,'" writes Andrew Quibell. In his new sketch and animation, Quibell lays out a time-tested, Toyota-inspired plan to help these essential team leaders hold their own in times of minimal support. More »
A Week of Kaizen in Just One Day
"Often when I hear people talk about kaizen, they are under the impression that this is some huge event with dozens of people fixing loads of things over a week," writes Andrew Quibell. But the reality is much simpler - find out how in the latest installment in his visual-lean series. More »
Planning Meetings Around A3s
"How many times have you sat in a meeting to discuss solving a pressing, urgent or serious problem – and yet a full hour later find that you’ve gotten nowhere?" asks Andrew Quibell. He's been in that situation more times than he cares to remember - but luckily he now shares a clever strategy that gave his meetings a productivity boost. More »
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"In a previous sketch I introduced Toyota’s approach to visual management, or Floor Management Display Systems (FMDS), including the six elements of creating FMDS," writes Andrew Quibell. "Now it’s time for a deeper dive into those six elements and explore how their approach guarantees an effective floor display will present compelling messages.  " More »
An Overview of Visual Management at Toyota
"Implementing visual management (VM) is a cornerstone of any lean transformation," writes Andrew Quibell. "And few companies know that better than Toyota.  " In this first of two sketches on visual management at Toyota, Andrew illustrates the fundamentals of the process as Toyota practices itself and teaches its suppliers. More »
Waste in Process: Squeeze Before You Lean
"It seems intuitive to start applying lean to our processes, right?" writes Andrew Quibell. "Maybe so, but all that says to me is that we're short-sighted when applying lean.  " How so, you ask? Read more. More »
The Hidden Waste in Inspection
When looking for areas of muda, your inspection department probably isn't the first place that comes to mind. But you may be surprised to find out that inspection is waste by its very nature. In his third installment of his series on areas of waste in manufacturing, Andrew Quibell breaks down this problem and illustrates the true solution to eliminating defects. More »
Conveyance: The Perfect Place for Waste
In the latest installment of his series of sketches and animations covering areas of waste in manufacturing, Andrew Quibell gives us a look at conveyance. "We all know that moving materials provides zero value to the customer or ourselves," he writes. "It's the perfect place for waste to hide.  " Read more. More »
Inventory Waste: The "Hidden Killer" in Manufacturing
Andrew Quibell is back with the next sketch in his series on the four main areas of waste in manufacturing. Today's area: Inventory, the "hidden killer.  " Check out the sketch plus a fun animated video Andrew made to help illustrate the concept. More »
The Manufacturing Waste Series: Introduction
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The Importance of Team Leaders on the Shop Floor
Why does upper management often fail to invest in team leaders on the shop floor? Andrew Quibell has his money on a lack of perspective. Check out his newest sketch on the critical importance of this key lean role and why there's no underestimating its function in a lean system. More »
Mapping Out Your Gemba Walks
"Gemba walks may sound like Lean 101 but they still require 110% of your undivided attention," writes Andrew Quibell. "And even then the problems that sent you on the gemba walk may go unnoticed if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for.  " Check out Quibell's favorite sketch for mapping and honing the focus of his gemba walks. More »
Narrowing the Scope of Kaizen Activities
Are you having trouble implementing kaizen activities? If so, the solution could be as simple as narrowing down your targets for improvement. Andy Quibell shares his thoughts on what should be the real focus, plus his favorite sketch for planning and executing kaizen activities. More »
Want to Instill A3 Thinking? Teach A3 Behaviors
A3 thinking is all about A3 behaviors, says auto-manufacturing veteran Andrew Quibell. "Only by applying a step by step mentality, being tenacious in purpose, and looking for data/facts do you arrive at a root cause you and others can clearly see and believe," he writes. See the story boards Quibell uses to develop A3 thinking behaviors in others. More »
Getting a Jump on Unplanned Changes
Andrew Quibbell, veteran of the auto industry, uses graphic recording to share lean concepts. Here's a visual of how Quibbell teaches change point management on the shop floor. More »
Distilling Lean Ideas Down to Their Essence
Andrew Quibbell, lean leader and VP of a global enterprise, loves teaching lean concepts. Finding PowerPoint wholly ineffective at communicating lean thinking, he's begun drawing lean concepts to spark conversations on the shopfloor. How do you share lean concepts with your team? More »