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Jim Lancaster

Jim Lancaster

CEO and Owner, Lantech

Jim Lancaster is CEO and owner of Lantech.com, LLC. Lantech is recognized as the leader in stretch wrap technology and innovation. The company has sales and manufacturing headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, sales and manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, sales and service operations in Australia, and sales offices in China. Lantech manufactures packaging and material handling machinery, including stretch wrappers, conveyors, and case-forming equipment. Products are sold worldwide through a distributor and partner network, and directly to large consumer goods companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Lever Brothers, Nestlé, Miller Brewing, and Pepsi. Annual gross sales exceed $130 million and the company employs approximately 475 associates.

Before joining Lantech, Jim worked in the financial industry with Catalyst Energy in New York City. In 1990, Jim joined Lantech as a Sales Manager in the Customs Machinery Group.  After several promotions, he became President/CEO in 1995.

Lantech was one of the earliest companies to implement the Toyota Lean Principles in the early 90’s, as chronicled in Lean Thinking by James Womack and Dan Jones, the Harvard Business Review, and other publications. Jim has participated in the Lantech lean journey for the past 21 years and is now the lead executive driving lean throughout the organization.

Jim personally supports and advocates for Technical and Vocational education in Louisville, through his involvement and board Chairman position at Jefferson Community and Technical College and with many other educational related efforts.

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