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Ron Oslin

Ron Oslin

Lead Coach, Capital One

Ron Oslin, is currently the Lead Coach of the Lean Coaching team at Capital One and is President of One System One Voice LLC. The lean coaching team is a team of retired Toyota sensei that provide counseling and coaching to all levels of leadership at Capital One. Oslin joined Capital One in December 2007 with more than 20 years of lean application in manufacturing and service. Oslin began his process learning journey in 1982 as an intern with Dr. Edward Deming.  Oslin has applied lean methodologies in printing, auto manufacture, marine heating and air conditioning manufacture, health care, education and banking. Oslin has held roles as CEO, COO, and transformation leader in several organizations. He received is bachelor’s from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Workshops Taught by Ron Oslin
Coaching Those Who Are Not On Board, In Denial or “Addicted to the Status Quo” and Actively or Passively Resisting Change (at the 2018 Transformation Summit) This workshop is a full-day skill-building practicum with learn-do-practice cycles all day. This session is designed to teach each participant how to effectively meet another person (leader or associate) at their current stage in the change process. They will also learn to help the person work through the stages of change so that they may become an advocate of said change. Participants will be given free access to the “MI – Coach’s Helper to Facilitate Behavior Change” app that will continue their learning and assist them in conversations with leaders and associates who exhibit the symptoms of “Addiction to the More »