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Peg Pennington

Peg Pennington

Executive Director, Center for Operational Excellence

Peg Pennington is the executive director of the Center for Operational Excellence at Ohio State University.   She works closely with companies, managing and coordinating problem-solving consultations, site visits, and best-practice knowledge sharing.  Peg is also the academic director of the Academy for Excellence in Healthcare, a collaboration between Ohio State University and Cardinal Health to bring operational excellence to healthcare. As a senior lecturer at the Fisher College of Business, Peg teaches lean enterprise and Six Sigma and serves as a coach for the college’s Master of Business Operational Excellence cohort in which she helped to architect.

She has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Dayton.  She resides in Columbus, OH with her husband and three teenage children.   When she is not taking soccer pictures she enjoys running overnight relays with her running group.

Articles by Peg Pennington
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Workshops Taught by Peg Pennington
Lean Office: Making the Invisible Visible (at the 2018 Transformation Summit) Many organizations whose critical functions unfold in an office environment can feel left “in the dark” when it comes to mapping and improving processes. As a result, knowledge work is especially prone to process waste when “invisible.  ” In this workshop, participants enter a virtual office workflow simulation to bring visibility through key lean principles.  During the workshop, participants will work inside an e-mail based workflow system to apply the following concepts:Value-stream mappingValue stream metricsError-proofingStandardized workTheory of constraintsBy taking this workshop, participants will be able to:Engage in basic value-stream mappingRemove the ambiguity from invisible office-based processesDevelop a visual management system More »