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Masia Goodman

Masia Goodman

Instructional Designer, Lean Enterprise Institute

Masia Goodman is an Instructional Designer at the Lean Enterprise Instiute. 

Articles by Masia Goodman
Exploring the Advantages of Online Learning
Transcript of "Exploring the Advantages of Online Learning," featuring the Lean Enterprise Institute's Josh Howell, Matt Savas, and Masia Goodman, who share how LEI is tapping into ways of learning and leveraging the latest learning technologies to design its upcoming Virtual Lean Learning Experience. More »
Beyond 'Linear' Intelligence: Learning Lean Through Shared Experiments and Improvements
Learning entails far more than a linear set of directions from one person to another, argues LEI's Masia Goodman, who presents ways that the upcoming Virtual Lean Learning Experience (VLX) seeks to incorporate lean ways of learning. More »
Lean at Heart: Kanban
The underlying principles of lean can be found everywhere in daily life. In this article Masia Goodman identifies examples of "Better" practices that overlap with known lean principles. More »
Calling a Time-Out for Coaches
What's the most effective approach to coaching? Lean coaches Mark Reich and Laura Mottola share practical approaches that include methods such as invoking struggle, providing support, and giving direction; while suggesting ways to consider when each approach might be optimal for the situation. More »
Workshops Taught by Masia Goodman
Building a Lean Operating & Management System A hands-on, mind engaging simulation-based workshop that will help you achieve a deeper understanding of lean principles and tools by developing your problem solving skills to meet critical business challenges at your workplace. More »