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Bruce Hamilton

Bruce Hamilton

President, GBMP

Bruce Hamilton is President of GBMP, a Boston-based non-profit that provides Lean assistance to manufacturing and healthcare. Bruce spent thirty years in manufacturing, leading his factory to a Shingo Prize award in 1990. He is author and actor in the 2004 Shingo Prize winning video, Toast Kaizen.  In 2000 he was inducted in the Shingo Prize Academy and in 2015 was inducted into the AME Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

Articles by Bruce Hamilton
Good Night Sweethearts
On this Valentine's Day, GBMP President Bruce Hamilton laments this year's lack of Sweetheart Candies, reflecting that, "NECCO, like General Motors had failed to understand what Shigeo Shingo called 'the most basic concept in the Toyota Production System,' the cost subtraction principle. More »
Rosie the Riveter vs. Rosie the Robot
In this pithy yet wide-ranging discussion, Bruce Hamilton, president of GBMP and star of the hugely popular training video Toast Kaizen, discusses the entertaining video's serious lessons on its 20th anniversary. He also comments on Industry 4.  0 and what he learned from direct interaction with some of the early icons of lean management. More »
As Toast Kaizen Turns 20, Bruce Hamilton Shares How This Famous Video Came About
Watch this "director's cut" video by Bruce Hamilton sharing the backstory behind what has become a classic lean resource: Toast Kaizen. More »