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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

Owner, Continuous Coaching Commitment

Brandon Brown is Owner and Master Kata Coach at Continuous Coaching Commitment, LLC, delivering tangible and sustainable continuous improvement results as a Toyota Kata Master Coach and Lean Instructor/Facilitator. Brandon is a Regional Director and board member for the Southeast Region of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence.

Articles by Brandon Brown
Developing Meta-Habits at Baptist Memorial Memphis Hospital Emergency Department
After teeing up a problem in the Baptist Memorial Memphis Hospital ED using a Kata routine, Nursing Manager Melanie Mays now sees the need to experiment with a new process and allow it to surface obstacles before developing and testing a hypothesis. More »
Deploying Improvement Habits: From Starter Kata to Meta-Habits
Learners using the Kata routine approach every problem with the “skeleton” of the Kata routine, and understand that they are not experimenting to the solution, says Brandon Brown. They use experiments to find obstacles that prevent them from operating in the target condition. More »