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Jerry Solomon

Jerry Solomon

Vice President - Operations, Hunt Valley, MarquipWardUnited


Articles by Jerry Solomon
Lean Accounting is about Respect for People
The author recalls his first experience in learning first-hand the importance of providing easily understandable information to the people who can and will make a difference; it was transformative. More »
Lean Accounting is About Respect for People
My story as one of the recognized founders of Lean Accounting (LA) is unusual. Unlike my fellow LA founders who have degrees and expertise in accounting, my degree is in engineering. Yet, after I was exposed to LA, I became so excited about its concepts that I wanted to share my passion. I did this by writing three books and speaking at many invited conferences and seminars about the topic. At first, my objective was to make accounting easier for everyone to understand, and to help them know every day if they were winning or losing in the great game More »