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Rose Heathcote

Rose Heathcote

director, thinking people

A learner, writer and teacher, Rose is personally dedicated to developing the capacity in people to solve problems that matter. Head of Lean, University of Buckingham.

Articles by Rose Heathcote
Why Lean Thinkers Should Ground Their Work in Sustainability
There's a solid case for implementing green thinking just as there's one for implementing lean thinking. The challenge, but more importantly the opportunity for business, lies in bringing them together, write Rose Heathcote and Gary Cundill. More »
Develop Your People Patiently Rather Than Rely on Super Taylorism
Lean starts with quality, argue the authors, who note that by worrying about and improving quality, we are also reducing both the cost of our misconceptions and our product's actual cost -- by developing our people. More »
Improve Continuously by Mastering the Lean Kata
Lean is about learning, say Rose Heathcote and Daryl Powell. Learning to find real problems, learning to face the limits of our current knowledge in light of these problems, learning to frame the gaps as learning challenges, and finally, learning to form and share actionable solutions. As such, lean is really about learning-to-learn. More »
Avoid the Costly Work of Rework
Customers care only for the product or service they receive, says Rose Heathcote. They're not interested in how much effort it took for you to make it happen or how many times you had to fiddle with it to get it right. They're also not interested in what it cost you. So, we cannot make our lumpy processes their problem. More »
Beware the Comforts of Waste
After a major move, lean thinker Rose Heathcote reflected that with lean thinking comes the responsibility to look inward at oneself before looking outward to what must change in the organization. It may sit in the fundamental thinking we have adopted regarding business and costs, but it also gets more personal in how we treat and nurture our talent. More »