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Marcus Chao

Marcus Chao

President, Lean Enterprise China

Dr. Marcus Chao is the CEO and President of Lean Enterprise China, Inc. (LEC), a non-profit organization disseminating lean practices to Chinese manufacturers. LEC has offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

Marcus’s 30 years of management experience in global corporations covers engineering, materials management, manufacturing, supply management, and business development. He is skilled in leadership, Sino-U.S. business development, supply management, quality systems, and developing lean enterprises.

In 2005 he retired from Delphi Global Supply Management as a Director. From 1995-2001, he was Chairman and President of Delphi (China) Holding Company.

An active leader in the Asian-American communities, Marcus served as the President of the Association of Chinese Americans and the Detroit Chinese Professional and Academic Association. He currently is a member of the Board of Directors of the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, the Wu Manufacturing for Excellence Foundation, the Advisory Board for the University of Michigan Art Museum, and the Northwood University School of Supply Management.

Marcus received a bachelor’s degree in Taiwan and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Kansas. He also received a MBA from Wayne State University.

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