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Senior Advisors

John Shook Chairman Lean Global Network; Senior Advisor Lean Enterprise Institute
James P. Womack Founder and Senior Advisor Lean Enterprise Institute
Peter Ward Chairman Lean Enterprise Institute
José R. Ferro Founder Lean Institute Brasil
Jim Morgan Senior Advisor, Product and Process Development Lean Enterprise Institute

Lean Enterprise Institute Staff

Lara Anderson Team Leader Education and Events
Ryan Booth
Assistant Controller
Tom Ehrenfeld Senior Editor
Taylor Esaki
Program Manager, CLP
Karen Gaudet Team Leader Operations and Personnel
Masia Goodman Instructional Designer
Josh Howell President, Executive Team Leader
Kam Jain
Books and Office Operations Manager
Alice Lee Senior Lean Coach
Chet Marchwinski Communications and Editorial
Jikku Mohan Coach and Trainer
Lory Moniz Graphic Artist/Web Manager
Mark Reich Senior Coach
Matthew Savas Team Leader Development and Finance
Rebecca Whitehouse
Events and Education Coordinator
Patricia Panchak Team Leader Editorial and Communications

Global Affiliates Personnel

Denise Bennett Coach for Transformation and Improvement Lean Enterprise Australia
Alister Lee Transformation Coach Lean Enterprise Australia
José R. Ferro Founder Lean Institute Brasil
Flavio Picchi President Lean Institute Brasil
Marcus Chao President Lean Enterprise China
Szabolcs Molnar President Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary
Marie-Pia Ignace President Institut Lean France
Arnaldo Camuffo Founder & Scientific Director Istituto Lean Management
Roberto Ronzani CEO Instituto Lean Management
Boaz Tamir President Israel Lean Enterprise
President Lean Management Instituut (Netherlands)
Anton Grutter Research and Development Director Lean Institute Africa
Tomasz Koch President Lean Enterprise Institute Polska
Yalcin Ipbuken President Lean Institute Turkey
David Brunt CEO Lean Enterprise Academy
Dan Jones Founder and Chairman Lean Enterprise Academy
John Shook Chairman Lean Global Network; Senior Advisor Lean Enterprise Institute
Oriol Cuatrecasas President Instituto Lean Management Spain
Sergio Caldeirinha President Lean Academy Portugal
Rodrigo Calderón President Instituto Lean Chile

Lean Enterprise Institute Faculty and Guest Lecturers

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